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Recovery: skins compression tights and tops, experiences?

gettrickygettricky Posts: 103
Has anyone used compression tights (or tops) and are they worth shelling out the cash for?

I'm doing a lot of training for Alps in two weeks time and when we get there we'll be doing an awful lot of riding, anything to give my legs a break in between I'm interested in looking at.

Although at £50 plus a pop wanted to see if anyone else uses them lower/upper body.

And obviously I just want an excuse to wear tights :lol: :P

Recovery and travel ... elID=30201

Top ... elID=30199

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  • gettrickygettricky Posts: 103
    I bought a set, so I'll let you know if they make any difference at all :)

    Pitch Pro 2009
  • DunbarKevDunbarKev Posts: 29
    I have a skins top and leggings, the top is too tight to get in too....

    I use the leggings for running in the colder weather and they are very good, nice muscle support & although I am probably imagining it my calfs feel less sore after a longer run.

    Let me know how you get on wearing them for biking.
  • deeptheorydeeptheory Posts: 76

    Is this the cycling specific clothing your referring to or just the more genral clothing?

    I was thinking about getting some tights. Mainly for the bike for the winter but also for football and possbily some skiing?!?!?!

    Anyone have any advice/input etc?

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