dragon ride

did anyone see the rider go into the bush on one of the descents, i was wondering if he was ok it looked a bit nasty


  • italiaandyf
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    I was wondering if he was ok as well - I was behind him when he started to veer over the road centre markings, and was just about to overtake him.
  • pdchaplin
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    That was the London Pheonix rider - he's fine - bruised ego though!
  • bprice
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    pdchaplin wrote:
    That was the London Pheonix rider - he's fine - bruised ego though!
    Is this the guy at the top of the Bwlch just before the final descent down to the Ogmore valley. On the bend just before the junction? Ive been wondering about his welfare, because when I passed he looked in a really bad way. Ambulance on the way up as I was descending.
  • e999sam
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    This was only my second sportive the other was the Maratona in Italy and I thought the Dragon was just as well organized.
    I also saw the 2 unicycles I was amassed that the could complete the course.
    I went wrong at the turning point for the short course I did here the Marshall shout something but couldn't tell what he said must have had something to do with me being buzzing after the 50 MPH decent I'd just done.
    Also thanks to a bunch of club riders who's wheels I sat on for about 30 miles when I was going through a real rough time. I can't remember the name of the club but they had yellow jerseys with a black V on the back.
  • no it was'nt the bwlch i think it was the first real descent