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New wheels

GreycyclistGreycyclist Posts: 22
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I have a TREK 1000 triple which I use for pleasure-no racing- and the depth grove on the wheels is hardly visible. I need to replace the wheels but do not know which ones to buy. Any suggestions? I do not have unlimited resources(pensioner).


  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    For good wheels on a budget you might look at at Mavic Aksium or Shimano RS 10 or Shimano WHR 500.
    They are reasonably light and strong and hard wearing. Have a look on Ebay or ask in the Road classified section here :D
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  • CranksCranks Posts: 129
    Why not talk to a wheel builder?

    I use Steve at RoadAce

    Has built 2 pairs of wheels for me and had excellent advice. He is good and getting the best build with your budget.
  • simon johnsonsimon johnson Posts: 1,064
    Open Pros w/ Ambrosio hubs or something to that effect? Handbuilt

    Ventos were good to me; I guess a Shimano-compatible equivalent would be a similiar priced set of Fulcrums (Racing 7?) Just an idea I've no experience of Fulcrums.
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  • All. Thanks for the info I will follow up the leads you have given
    Bounty :D
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