Stuck Sprocket Removal

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Anyone know any tricks other than brute force to get a stuck sprocket off? :? :?: :?

Managed to get my 14 stuck on my disc & can't shift it for love nor money .... even standing on the chainwhip hasn't worked, infact all I've managed to achieve so far is a bend in the chainwhip!

I'm sure it's not cross threaded, the only thing I can think of is that it is a brand new sprocket! :?:


  • Eddy S
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    Bring the wheel to Reading this evening - there a few folks with some seriously industrial, custom-made ‘sprinter strength’ chain whips there so we can have a go.

    Try spraying some WD40 around the thread to start soaking in - that should help for later.

    And for the future, always put a put some anti seize (copper based) grease on the thread to stop this happening.

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  • mattsccm
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    something I did many years ago. Turn the wheel round. Now swap the cranks around. Ride it. As long as the lock ring is off this will soon shift it.
  • Oddjob62
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    Do a reverse rotafix

    Basically this in reverse
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    Try getting a longer handle for your chain whip. I have a piece of metal tubing about a meter long that fits conveniently over the chain whip. The extra leverage and a soak in WD40 usually loosens thing up with a bit of grunt.

    I'm not sure where to get suitable tube, but you might have something to hand.