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help please

colinwcolinw Posts: 85
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After a complete u turn in my choice of bike I have been looking at 1000 pound mountain bikes I have noe decieded that my buget is 500 pounds and I do not need a Mountain bike as I ride paths street and the odd trail.
I tour in the summer and Im not bothered about how I look etc.
However I cycle a lot over a hundred miles a week and when on holidays a lot more so I need the lighest bike with decent bits I also want rack suspenion fork mudguards.
Please has anyone got any ideas what will suit me as i need to get this bike asap as im spending to long looking and I sould be riding
Thanking anyone who replys in advance


  • JameyJamey Posts: 2,152
    If you can live without a suspension fork then I'd recommend looking at Cyclocross bikes, although the one I would normally suggest (Specialized Tricross) is £200 over your budget unless you opted for the singlespeed version which, if you're going to use it for touring as you suggest, probably isn't going to be a great option.

    I'm sure there must be some £500 CX bikes out there, though.
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