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Whinlatter quick Q!

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 20,783
edited June 2009 in Routes
How long (approx) would you say it takes to do both sections at whinlatter?



  • pdidpdid Posts: 1,065
    Takes me one and a half to two hours depending on conditions. I'm reasonably fit and have ridden it a number of times since it opened.

    If you've not been before I'd say probably between two and three hours.

    And don't discount the new blue route, I rode this for the first time last Friday and it's excellent with some nice berms and jumps. Adds about another half hour and finishes at the beginning of the South loop.
  • whalley665whalley665 Posts: 150
    The first and only time i did it, it took me 1 hour for the north route and 30mins for the south route. Going on staurday to try the blue and do both reds again.
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  • no worries... tis too far away :( gotta be back for 4pm, and it takes just over 2 hours to get there so it'd be cutting it too tight :( I have done it before but I didn't take any notice of the time etc...

    I'll do it on wednesday instead lol

    Cheers peeps :)
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