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Diabetic needs energy advice.

drewlucas4drewlucas4 Posts: 14
Morning folks,

As the title suggests I'm about to up the ante as far as the amount of cycling I'm doing. I'm a insulin dependant diabetic who's been doing 6 mile cycles a few times a week as part of my fitness malarky. I've now bought a new bike and am planing to blast round whinlater, grizdale in the next couple of days and need advice on how to keep my sugar levels up whilst putting in the miles.
I presume the obvious pasta/banana route is the best way but was wondering if there were any other diabetics out there and how they deal with hard exercise and fuel?

Cheers folks.


  • kdw712kdw712 Posts: 72
    i'm a type 2 and have been wondering about this issue too
    at the moment i'm taking water with a pinch of salt and fig rolls

    but looking at my riding mates engery star drink it had less sugar than the fig rolls
    so i'm not sure which way i should be going here
  • drewlucas4drewlucas4 Posts: 14
    interesting. I've not looked at energy drinks yet!
    My whole mindset has been to avoid the things like the plague!

    I'm off to grizedale tomorrow afternoon for my first blast and the current plan is peanut butter in brown bread about an hour or so before hand then a lump of flapjack before the off. Dextrose tablets and testing kit on standby.

  • kdw712kdw712 Posts: 72
    i'm due a 6 month check soon and me doc rides so i think i will have a word with him

    have fun at Griz'
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