Saw an unusual use of bikes today.

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Going about my work (white van man that's me) in semi-rural South Gloucestershire I came around a bend to see a dozen cows being herded by three chaps and a chapess - all on old "workhorse" bicycles.

As I had to follow at a discreet twenty yard distance at about 5 mph it was interesting to watch. Two of the guys would ride ahead and block off any driveways or exits. The woman would ride about ten yards behind the cows to keep drivers at bay and the other fella "shooed" the cows along.

This went on for about half a mile between fields and was like a human/bicycle version of "one man and his dog". All of the farmhands were about sixty years old and obviously did this on a regular basis.

Top that for unusual bicycle use in the UK that you have personally seen.
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    Sounds like fun to me!

    You should have got some images taken on your phone for us:)

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    I live in rural Ireland and my neighbour, who's a dairy farmer, uses his bike to move his herd from the fields to the milking parlour on nice summer evenings. They've got fairly nice hybrids and do a few charity cycles each year.

    I also fell of my bike in the middle of the herd when they were being moved once, as I forgot to unclip.....