Bell Volt vs Giro Ionos sizing?

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Has anyone got direct experience with the fit of the Bell Volt and Giro Ionos?

I'm currently using a Medium Giro E2 which is a few years old, but neither an Atmos or Ionos in Medium fits. A Large Ionos fits, but has plenty of room and the Rocloc adjusters come quite close together at the back. A large Atmos also fits but again is on the large side.

The local bike shops near me only supply Giro, Specialized and Met helmets, so I can't try a Bell one on.

My head is 58cm and I also remember trying on a medium Briko Arrow helmet which was also too small. I'm trying to avoid the mushroom effect as I'm not a substantial guy and am pretty sure my head isn't that big!

I can't justify ordering a Bell Volt in both sizes really!


  • sward29
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    I bought a medium Bell Volt recently after using a medium Giro Atmos for the last few years. I also tried a medium Ionos on but decided to go for the Volt as the Ionos looked massive on my head. Both the Ionos and Volt fit differently, and better in my opinion, compared to the Atmos but I have to say that I'm not massively impressed with the ventilation of the Volt. I'd say it is definitely inferior to the Atmos based upon the amount of sweat that runs into my eyes and onto my sunglasses. It's much comfier though so I guess you can't have it both ways - unless you go for the Ionos and look like a mushroom.