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Thigh Pain. Looking for help!

RobGTRobGT Posts: 132
Right, had my bike for a good while now and covered some comfortable miles but from one problem. The inside of my thigh's are getting sore. Not the skin but what I think is the hamstrings (sp?) Its more to the back inside of my thigh's at the top just before the big muscle at the very back if you what mean???

It feels like a pulling and twanging feeling which turns into an bad ache.

What I originally thought was an uncomfortable saddle now is very comfortable so i'm ruling out that one unless you have any other idea about it?

My saddle height is adjusted correctly (censored on seat, peddle at the bottom, heel on peddle with a slight bend in leg) and have a comfortable reach to handlebars.

My bike is a Boardman Comp FS

Any idea's as to what this could be?

Many thanks,


  • If your muscles are twanging it sounds most likely that you arent stretching enough.
    Everyones different but I like a lot of stretching personally.
    Try stretching after 5-10 min warmup on the bike for 5 min and whenever you have a break and finish your ride. Dont bounce when stretching as this can cause injury - just slow gradual stretching and hold it at full stretch for several seconds before relaxing and repeating.

    Also ... buy a muscle rub and work it in for the next few days.
  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    You can also have a stretch (and I do) whilst riding, ankle down and sort of er, thrust your hips forward. And when ever possible, after a ride have a wee stretch- I suffer the same thing and have to tell myself to do it.....
    My Pics !

    Whadda ya mean I dont believe in god?
    I talk to him everyday....
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