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Dave-GreenockDave-Greenock Posts: 20
Ive had a search and a good read about the lossing belly fat threads i also have this problem and have a quick question for any1 who has succesfully done what ive just started. I Stand at 13 stone 9lb at the moment and about 5ft 8, My legs r finely toned quite built and so is everywere else only fat is on the belly so anyway. Ive jst started the cycling againe after about 3 years although have never took it as serious as i am now and will be covering at least 12 miles everyday im out on the bike About 4 of them miles are uphill & back down with a 5 miles straight offroad. im hoping to do this 5 days a week if not 6 for now aswell as sorting my diet out. Does this sound ok and does any1 have any pointers.


  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    Its plenty of miles, so should be fine. When I was working I was commuting 12 miles a day minimum, sometimes going the longer way home which would bump it up a wee bit to 15- 18 dependant on route... I lost weight quite easily doing that, hoping that even though I'm redundant, with the weather improving that I can get miles in and watch the weight come down....
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