When sizing new bike what position should I sit?

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I have longish arms and short legs.
I just went to LBS and sat on a 56 inch Spech Elite - felt good, then a 58 inch Spech Comp - also felt good...they also have a 56 trek madone 4.5 (08)...not sat on it yet.
It was wet so couldnt test-will go back when dry and try all 3.
Should I sit in a relaxed position to feel comfy or lean and put fingers on the brakes...or even get in the dropped bar position. My arms were almost straight when on the top brake position of the 58 yet still felt ok - but is that too tiring after 50 miles?


  • Mister W
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    Try all the positions. You'll probably spend most of your time riding on the hoods so I'd say that's the most important position but you also want to be able to ride comfortably on the drops.
  • hitthewall
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    Have a look at this thread and the link to Bike Dynamics. Gives you a starting point. Slight bend in the arms looks best, makes sense and works for me.

    http://www.bikeradar.com/forums/viewtop ... t=12629399
  • Mothyman
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    thanks fellas - the link has given me a good idea of how i should judge whether it fits.