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I've got a new d-lock, but I'm acutely aware that the front end of my bike is fairly unsecure... Does anyone make a chain that will fit over the granit x-plus extreme, I'm interested in something very high security and haven't managed to find anything yet...


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    Take the front wheel off and put the d lock through it as well?
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    lockable sqewers - simple, light and forgettable. I use pitlocks to secure my SON hub dynamo wheel, the only reason to use another lock is the possibility of removing the front forks...
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    I picked up an Onguard Beast chain and padlock as a secondary lock to a Fahgettaboudit mini for locking my bike at work, though I use it separately from the d-lock, i.e. locking the chain with the padlock, not the d-lock.

    Its 12mm links are not uncroppable, but used alongside the mini d-lock, I'm happy with it. Its pretty heavy, but fortunately I can leave it in work. It was just 38 quid on amazon 2 weeks ago (best price at the time), but appears to have gone up a tenner since then.

    [If that's not secure enough for you, then [url=http://www.pjbsecurity.co.uk/untouchable-16mm-x-15m-chain-untouchable-lock]this[/url] looks like a great deal and comes with a free ground anchor too (if you don't need that you can always pop it on ebay). At 7kg (going by similar chains of the same length) its not one that you'd want to be transporting though.]
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    The main issue is mainly my forks, having just splashed out for some fairly nice cross country forks for my inbred that doubles as my xc bike and commuter. I'm thinking about getting a pinhead headloc, but it is a flimsy little thing, and knowing how easy bits are taken round here i'd rather lock them properly.

    So does anyone make chains with a link space large enough to take the 16mm shackle. I really dont want to need another set of padlocks or keys for it, and just want to tie it onto the d-lock