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Road Red
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I have a set of Mavic Kysium Equipes, which came as standard on my Synapse.

I'm doing the Etape so.....

Is it worth upgrading?
What real difference will I feel if I spend £200/250?
Does it come down to added speed or is it just easier to pedal?



  • Mister W
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    They're a reasonable set of wheels and IMHO you won't get anything for £250 that will make a noticeable difference.
  • GyatsoLa
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    Since the Equipes cost about £270 retail I find it hard to believe that there are any wheels out there for £250 that are significantly better......
  • maddog 2
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    I'd spend the money on lightening other parts first. You can get lighter wheels for £250 but whether they are 'better' is debateable.

    Get riding - that's what'll make the difference :wink:
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  • ugo.santalucia
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    Unlike cars, in cycling money doesn't make much difference...

    You can invest as much as you like and still walk your way up the Ventoux. For a "real men" ride like the Etape you have put the miles in, more than the fancy components.

    As for the upgrade, as someone pointed out, with that money you won't get much of an upgrade anyway...
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  • Road Red
    Road Red Posts: 232
    Thanks guys.

    The guy who services my bike is saying an upgrade would be good. However, you've confirmed what I believe too, a lot of improvement can be done on myself, cheaper and with more effect on upgrades. (Have been working very hard though, lots of miles on the clock and hopefully am in reasonably good shaep for the big one.)
  • paul_or
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    I'm interested in this question because I am looking to upgrade my wheels at some point this year, but it does beg the question, would it be better buying a new bike - the reason being that once I have spent money on the wheels/tyres, then it'll be the bars and stem (another £200ish), seatpost (£75-100) and so on and so on.

    My road bike (Orbea Aqua 2009) has unknown 'cheapo' wheels (Kronos Racing rims, although it has decent shimano hubs), and I was considering investing in some Easton EA50 wheels for it.

    What's the feeling about that - i'm starting with some much cheaper wheels, so maybe the difference will be noticeable?
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  • keef66
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    in your position I'd upgrade the wheels only if you know you're still going to be riding the bike in 2 years time. If you're considering changing many of the other components then you'd be better off saving for a new bike with the spec you want.

    I paid slightly more for my bike that I initially planned, but that's cos I specified nearly every component and Epic put it together for me. 9 months on I'm still very happy with my choices. (The only thing I have changed is the saddle from their default Filante which felt OK on the test rides but not after 2 hours, to a bargain Charge Spoon)