Will 9 speed chain rings work with an 8 speed casette?

alfa145 Posts: 66
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I need to replace my front triple chain rings which are currently 8 speed, as is the rear casette. I can only find 9 speed replacements, will I be ok to use the 9 speed chain rings? Do I need a 9 speed chain or will the 8 speed chain be OK. I have found mixed information when searching on this topic!


  • mrushton
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    They will. The rings are just thinner.TA make suitable replacements (as do Stronglight). For those who have 11 speed, apparently using 11 speed shifters,chain and cassette with 10 speed chainset and front/rear mechs works absolutely fine
  • sturmey
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    For what it's worth, I have a 9 speed Centaur chainset ,Shimano 9 speed chain and (so-called) 8 speed front and rear derailleurs working a six speed freewheel(not cassette) and everything works fine.It runs very smoothly in fact. The freewheel's teeth are indexed which is the important bit.