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leethepainterleethepainter Posts: 6
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hi guys. im fairly new to mountain biking at the age of 32, lol. when i say new i mean i used to ride about 15 years ago. now im riding to and from work at the moment, but want to start riding trails again. i currently own a Claude Butler Cape Wrath (02 model i think). ive just ordered a Gary Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo through the cycle to work scheme. im going to be riding locally in south wales


  • bomberesquebomberesque Posts: 1,701
    hmmm hookooeekooo, shiny. 8)

    Pictures when you have it

    and welcome
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  • XxxBFGxxXXxxBFGxxX Posts: 1,355
    hello and welcome chap
  • Banned!Banned! Posts: 34
    those are local trails for local people, theres no riding for you here.
  • will put some pics up when i get it. dont know how long it will take. i only ordered it late friday afternoon.
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