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Truely bad timing

MattFTMattFT Posts: 178
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On Wednesday I get on the Eurostar for my first alpine fun, including Alp d'Huez.

But this morning I got knocked off my bike on my commute in and I need your advice on recovery and damage :( I don't want to miss the trip!

I've got one hell of a bruise coming up on my quad, and walking is painful. What's the best way to speed up recovery? I can feel it tightening up so am trying to walk on it every so often. Ice is applied. Anything else?
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  • bodyworksbodyworks Posts: 18
    As an Osteopath I think I can give you some reasonable advice.
    Firstly If the bruising is already appearing the damage may be fairly superficial. In cases where the muscle is torn the bruising may not appear for several days. Get the ice on it for 20 minutes at a time, take care not to damage the skin make sure it is wet. keep icing it every 2 hours or so for up to 20 mins for the first 24 hrs. The ice is important in reducing the the rate of cellular activity and less collateral damage from the disrupted blood supply. Gentle movement is good, but avoid much contraction as this will increase bleeding. Some people swear by arnica, creams/ointments or tablets.
    Gentle self massage later today sweep up the thigh and raise the legs above the pelvis, but keep the groin area free to allow good circulation back from the thigh.
  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    Walk it off ya lightweight :wink:

    (Don't be offended it's a joke)
    Thought i'd add that i'm sure it'll be fine, if the hospital weren't that concerned :?

    Enjoy the trip :D 8)
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