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Public Encouragement...

cgarossicgarossi Posts: 729
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... Its great.

I was winding myself up Worcester Beacon (Malvern, Worcestershire) which is a pretty hard uphill, last Saturday with a friend. There was a couple of walkers on the hills who decided to give us some encouragement. I love that sort of thing, it really makes the ride easier.

Polite walkers always make my day. I'm always friendly on the trail and let walkers take right of way.

A couple of weeks ago we had at least 20 joggers on the same trail, give way and cheer us on up a stupidly steep technical ascent. Thats part of what makes Mountain biking fun for me.

Anyone else had experiences like these?


  • Ive never had that before, Ive had people shout at as I come down the hills and stupid speeds as they get a good dusting, the trail is clearly marked MTB not walkers there fault IMO.

    Ive done the Malverns a few times the down is not really worth the ride up, or the walk for that matter.

    Some good play stuff in the town though loads of steps and drops :-D
    I use all 9 inches.

  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    yip...had loads of good vibes from walkers and whatnot...

    Pentlands...2' snow...steep a$$ descent..they applauded us.
    Deeside of a munro...walkers very chatty and said they were very impressed.
    3 Brethren (Southern Upland Way)...walkers always been very nice...

    never actually had a bad experience with anyone whilst out on the bike....
    Whenever I see an adult on a bicycle, I believe in the future of the human race.

    H.G. Wells.
  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    Me neither, never had it before, I've had taxi drivers up my censored beeping on road climbs and I had two squaddies laughing at me on a climb the other day when it was boiling hot, they were on a run coming down catching a nice breeze and I was on the way up not, and both leaned into me laughing: "Who's hot in the saddle then" and carried on past laughing (as was I). :lol:
  • djvagabondjvagabon Posts: 262
    I've had that loads of times over Malvern. People have moved out of the way and given me some friendly banter. I had an old woman wolf whistle me and shout "nice legs". That made me laugh so much I almost fell off.
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