Which Sirrus Model? (and intro)

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Hi folks -

i'm new here so go easy!!

i'm a casual rider - really enjoy cycling but def not a hardcore speedo wearing type cyclist!! Just enjoy whizzing up and down on a bike.

I always try and take part in local rides (just missed out on the manchester- liverpool ride - very dissapointed with that) but there's another one coming up soon so I'll jump on that. And ofcourse I'll be doing the liv-chester-liv.

Anyway the bike I have now is a Trek 4500 MTB with fat slicks (don't know the technical name for it) but it's quite a heavy bike and drops way behind the pack on any sign of a hill. But going to my LBS, sported the sirrus elite and fell inlove with it. Flat bars, slick tires, can pick it up with a finger - awesome.
I've also contemplated getting drops but just when I'm convinced, I see something that reverts me back to flats.

So guess the question for u is should I get the sirrus elite for ~500 or spend an extra 140 for the comp?? Don't have a budget per say - it just means I'll have to starve for a little while longer.

Phew got there in the end!! :roll:


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    Actually I'll also like to add a small detail.

    I plan on doing LEJOG prob next year so whatever bike I get now should be capable of doing it.

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    I bought a new Spesh Sirrus Elite 4 years ago to replace a worn out cheap Giant commuter, and love it. The original wheels were replaced under warranty with far better ones, and apart from occasionally throwing the chain off the front compact rings it's been quick and reliable. Have done half IM's and 40 miles commutes on it a few times with aero bars, but wouldn't like to be doing LEJOG on it. Comfy enough, but would rather have drop bars for such a long ride.
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    I've actually been looking at the tricross as well which is even more expensive. ~£750

    But thing is the tricross is a great deal heavier and slower. Plus i'll have to get accustomed to the drop bars.

    On the plus side, it's an all terrain bike so can handle LEJOG easily! And most of the casual rides I love going on.

    Is this a justifieable reason to spend/starve even more to get the tricross?
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    Never ridden a tricross bike or done LEJOG, so am speaking from a position of ignorance, but seems to me the last thing you'd want on LEJOG is a big lumbering off road tank of a bike. Most of LEJOG is on road so a tourer would be better than the Spesh, and would also be a decent commuter.

    One day you (and any significant others) will understand and accept that you have to have a whole array of bikes for all the different types of riding :twisted: