Specialized Sworks 2D helmets

agnello Posts: 239
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I fancy one of these lids in white.

Anyone got one? What do you think? How does it compare with Giros - Atmos for instance?

thanks again :wink:
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  • nferrar
    nferrar Posts: 2,511
    I really like them, very light and as comfy as I'd expect a helmet could be. Not used a top-end Giro to compare it with but it's certainly better than the Giro Havoc I use for MTBing (or used to, I tend to wear the 2D when MTBing now to). Crash replacement is £50 so not bad, think I got mine new for about £85 though (a few places seem to have offers on at various times).
  • mrushton
    mrushton Posts: 5,182
    we have both. my partner has the 2D and I have the Giro Ionos. 2d is lighter and looks better on her. I prefer the Ionos in looks terms. Both are really well ventilated. My g/f hates helmets but the 2D is her preferred choice
  • akkers
    akkers Posts: 140
    I had the 2D and didnt get on with it - not a good fit for me
    I now have the Ionos which is much better for me
    Recently I tried a catlike whisper helmet....it was perfect and is my next choice - cant justify it yet though
    Id try them before buying to be honest as it all depends on your shape etc
  • cougie
    cougie Posts: 22,512
    You need to try them on for fit. The rest of it is pretty similar really.
  • giant_man
    giant_man Posts: 6,878
    Yes agree about fit except that the S-Works, snell rated or not, is so damn ugly. Giro and Bell helmets have so much more style imo.
  • NWLondoner
    NWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    I just got myself a Giro Atmos and it looks damn cool (for a helmet that is)
  • akkers
    akkers Posts: 140
    I have the Ionos as mentioned and its nice....but the Catlike Whisper looks the dogs danglies
  • Cunobelin
    Cunobelin Posts: 11,792

    Sworks 2D is Snell certified, the Ionos (et al) ain't!
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  • LardLover
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    When I stopped mountain biking and took up road riding full time I REALLY wanted a Giro Ionos, but after trying on both the Giro and the Spesh I've had to settle for the Spesh, they just fit my shape head better.
    I went for the S-Works 2D, and must admit to not liking the vertical vents at the rear, but it's so damn comfy I don't mind wearing it.

    I'd still love the Giro though, but my head needs to change shape 1st :(