Please help comparing bikes to buy!!

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Scott Sportster P6 2009 Hybrid Bike Vs Specialised Sirrus 2009 Road Bike

both available for the £300 mark, which is my upper limit in budget.

I am looking to get into cycling over the summer to keep myself fit and seeing a bit of the great outdoors. I don't intend on commuting so this bike would be used at weekends and maybe 1 or 2 nights a week. I intend on doing some loops on the road upto maybe 50mile or more, gradually building up depending on progress but i want to be able to ride along the canal or a light trail also on occasion.

As a total beginner I may be wide of the mark but have been researching and these 2 bikes seem to suit my needs, however, i would like to know what is the better bike regarding components and what you think may be better suited to my needs. If it was purely aesthetically i would choose the Scott but i would rather get the better bike. The tyre size on the Scott is 700x37 and Specialized is 700x28, would both of these be suitable for my uses?! i want to be able to get a fair old speed going when travelling on roads.

Sorry for elaborating soo much, any info is greatly appreciated.



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    If you want to do longer rides, I'd say try drop handlebars, comfort over longer rides is what they are designed for, after all.

    At £330, you could get a Carrera Virtuoso from Halfords. It's got some good reviews and came out tops in a recent C+ group test of entry level bikes. It will take 25mm tyres (comes with them, but better ones are available) that should be fine on the odd bit of compact gravel but will be a lot faster than 37mm monsters or even 28mm off-road tyres.

    The other option would be to go second hand. You could get a better bike, cheaper, that way but have all the risks of buying second hand to worry about (then again, some would say going to the wrong Halfords branch is more risky than buying second hand :) )
    The big catch with second hand is getting a bike to fit you (the most important trait of a bike, closely followed by how good it looks). It's fine if you have experience, it's less ideal if you don't really know how a bike should fit before hand.