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So, I bought a new road bike, a boardman comp despite all that is said against halfords i bit the bullt spoke to the guy and he seemed to know what he was doing, either way i'll check it twice when it comes tomorow morning.

I also bought some Specialized BG elite road shoes, and shimano r540 pedals to get me started with clipless and so i can get the most out of my bike.

There are fittings on the bottom for numerous types of cleats i have the spd-sl ones, and there is another plate that is able to move forwards and backwards similar to a mtb cleat, only thing is in the left shoe it rattles and makes a slight knocking sound when i walk, obviously these shoes are not made for walking but, having not had chance to try them on the bike yet should i be concerned or should i exchange the shoes for another pair?

as much help is appreciate asap i want to get out tomorow afternoon! before i go away for the weekend.
cheers, matt
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  • John.T
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    These plates are for SPD pedals. Quite normal for them to rattle. To stop it put a blob of silicon sealant on it or just grease it. Putting the SL cleats on may even stop it.
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    cheers will look into that, putting the cleats on the right shoe stopped the plate from ratting, but not on the left, I'll only ever use spd-sl's now so the other plate is redundant. If that'll work and no hinderance to performance. Excellent.
    “If you worried about falling off the bike, you’d never get on.”