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Sanderson Breath Custom Build Advice

psjspsjs Posts: 5
edited June 2009 in MTB general

I’ve been after an urban bike for a while mainly for street use. there’s an interesting custom build in my local shop. It’s a sanderson breath frame. It has a deore chainset and brakes. Rigid bontrager forks, slick tyres and I think it has bontrager wheels.

It’s priced at £850. Does this seem reasonable? I think a Breath frame retails at about £220-£240.

Also, it’s got a scuff on the paintwork. It’s not visible as it’s on the underside, on the bottom of the crankcase. The shop says that they will repair it but they won’t knock anything off the price. They say it’s a one-off bike and well worth the price even with the scuff. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this sounds reasonable?

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