Specialized sirrus vs Trek Fx 7.2

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Hi all
as the above post says,im having trouble choosing between these two bikes.I have gave both a spin, my friends 08 Sirrus,and went to a shop today and took a Trek fx 7.2 out for a spin.I liked both but the trek was more comfy.Im thinking that had something to do with the 35mm tyres,the spesh hs 28mm.Now the Sirrus in my mind looks better but the Trek is smoother,the Sirrus is cheaper at a few pound's under £300 and the fx at £370.


http://www.specialized.com/gb/en/bc/SBC ... 62&eid=121

Could I get bigger tyres on the Sirrus?I might go for it If I can,other wise its the FX,I don't like the crank buts thats something I can upgrade when it wears out.

Your views please.


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    I put 32s on a Sirrus as I'd come from MTBs so thin tires seemed to magnify every bump in the road. I went back to 28s once I had some hours in.

    The main thing is to ride both bikes. I found the Trek that I tried just had the wrong geometry for my body shape. And because I liked it, I was trying to convince myself it was right. Luckily I didn't buy it.
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    If you dont mind me asking what trek did you try?