Clip in pedals for kids

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My 7 year (who rides with the Hillingdon Slipstreamers) old is desperate for some clip-in pedals. He currently has cages with no straps on a 24" road bike. His bike handling skills are good, and the bike will only be used on closed circuits so safety not a huge issue.

I've found some shoes. The question now is which pedals / cleats? The key issue is ease of entry / exit. I would go with mountain bike spd's, but none of the other kids in the club ride with these, and he knows the difference..... (plus I'm not sure that the shoes will take them!!).

Any advice would be most welcome.



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    My son (8yrs) uses Speedplay Frogs. He rides for Team Darenth both MTB and road racing. In time, he will go to road specific Speedplays for the road racing (same as his Dad) and keep the Frogs on his MTB.

    The reason I started him off on just the Frogs, was that they are easier on the knees for releasing. There is no spring tension to try and unclip from. As a BC coach, I am always looking at reducing joint stress related issues where possible for youngsters, so these pedals are ideal.

    The bonus for you as a parent, is you can keep the costs down, if he rides two types of bikes. Another point to take into consideration, Frogs are also easier to use during the Cyclo-cross season as they do not clog up with mud. I know many roadies who swap their road specific Speedplays to Frogs during this season.

    I hope that's of help.

    Ps. You might want to let your son know, many top pro's use Speedplays. That might help his mindset. :wink: