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Disc Brake Not Centred

Alex 456Alex 456 Posts: 3
edited June 2009 in MTB workshop & tech
I just fitted a Shimano SLX fromt disc brake to a Rockshox Recon fork. The caliper is not centred on the disc and rubs one side enough to stop the wheel after a copule of rotations when spun by hand.

This is not due to the pad centering, it seems more like the caliper not being aligned as the pad that is pushing against it is almost fully retracted. The disc is perfectly true as well.

As the disc is rubbing on the outer side of the caliper, it is not possible to use shims to centre the caliper as it would be if it was rubbing on the inner side.

Is this a situation where a mount would need to be faced? I actually thought it was just frames that needed this carrying out and not forks, but if anyone could fill me in or has any other suggestions it would be really appreciated.

I tried taking a photo, but it didn't come out very clearly at all.


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