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wheel/cassette problem

threerockthreerock Posts: 19
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Ordered pro lite bracciano wheels for my road bike, and a 9 speed 12-25 Ultegra cassette - all from wiggle. Arrived and cassette wont fit on freehub. The ridges if thats the right word on the freehub have a step up in size about 1cm from the near end so that the cassette can only fit 1st com or so then wont slide onto freehub the rest of the way. The wheels are boxed and labelled shimano fitting...
I've e-mailed wiggle but havent got back to me yet (weekend I guess)
Any ideas gratefully received


  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    10 speed shimano hubs have taller splines for 10 speed cassettes. 9 speed won't fit on them.

    9 speed hubs will fit 10 speed cassettes, but the cassette can start to bite into the splines , especially if it is aluminium not steel.

    You could fit a 9 speed freehub body (will the one from your old wheel fit?), or change to 10 speed gears (expensive - shifters and cassette).
  • threerockthreerock Posts: 19
    Sounds like 10-speed thing is the answer. Wiggle didnt specify 10-speed only on the site so the wheels will be going back I think unless they can change to 9-speed at their cost
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    No, it is a poor listing, no mention of that!
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