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Bobbing Bullit:

bobby bullitbobby bullit Posts: 2
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Hello all.
I was an avid cross country rider, a regular at Bedgebury, and a proud owner of a Scott Genius RC20. Two weeks before my first child was born, I took a serious tumble on a large drop with a tree-root. It culminated in a popped-out clavical bone and four fractured ribs, and 8 weeks off work. It wasn’t a great time when you have a new baby to contend with.
I sold all by bike gear, and it is something that I regret considerably. I have since moved out to the North Downs, and there are some great routes for the two-wheeled non-engined fraternity, of which I wanted to be part of again. Considering the type of riding I enjoy, and the volume of off-road choice I have here, I decided to pick up a new rig. Spec as follows:
2005 Santa Cruz Bullit
5th Element Shock
Marzocchi Bomber 2001’s
Azonics crank, Shimano 105 rear 9 speed, XTR Shifter
When I got out on it for the first time this morning, I realised how much of a lump this rig actually is. Great for downhill (funnily enough), like trying to push a sleeping hippo uphill. She’s in really great shape and an awesome looking bike and I knew it was never going to be a waif like the Genius was, but I never intended to back involved with the fast trail riding, just wanted a decent off roader that gives a plush ride and plenty of travel. I knew hill climbs would be tough but this baby bobs like a pro and it’s incredibly tiring to ride uphill.
My question is whether you think I should turn this into a cross country machine, or sell it and go buy a lighter full-susser ? Any advise will be gratefully received.


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    sell it, it'll cost you a small fortune to make a bullit light enough to be a pleasant hill climber, you could buy another genius, they're pretty burly now...
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yeah, Bullit will never make a good XC machine - too much bike.
  • TurricanTurrican Posts: 755
    HMMM 5th element shock you can adjust the rebound control which is one alen key bolt at top of the rear shock and there is alos an adjuster on the air cylinder which can turn 5 times to adjust the compression damping also there are to allen key adjusters at bottom of the rear shock which also tweek how it feels it does take ages to adjust and gett the right feel, i know i have it on me DH bike and still trying to get it right. Any way piont is can adjust the shock so it doesnt bob but respond on the terrain your riding.
    keep it for fun descents and get light weight XC hardtail or maybe sell it, up to your self what want out of a bike. I myself would keep it as their good bike Santas are.
    I don't have a bike addiction problem.....bikes seems to have a problem with just can't seem to stay on.
  • pirwin1pirwin1 Posts: 248
    The Bullit is a good bike, for DH and freeride. As stated above it will never be a good XC bike and would be a waste of money trying to turn it into one.
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