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I've just purchased a new titanium framed bike with high end components. Total cost was £2,900. I've tried to take out insurance on my building and contents but they don't want to know. The cheapest I can find on the net is £260 through CTC. Can anybody reccommend an alternate insurer who will cover this amount? Thanks


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    Direct Line

    I have 13k of bike insured with them.
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    M&S will cover them as part of the household insurance
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    Likewise Esure.

    £2000 covered new for old at abot £50pa as a specified item on my house policy. Claims service was exemplary too when I recently had the misfortune to claim.
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    M&S will cover them as part of the household insurance

    Don't M&S cover bikes up to £4K without them being specified?

    Otherwise name them individually on your house contents policy. Churchill were good when my Brompton L6 was stolen in 2004. They sorted out my claim pretty quickly so I got a a replacement plus all the bits I had put on it and a new D Abus Granite X Plus lock (broken lock was Kryptonite :(:( ). My bikes are covered anywhere in UK and maybe even Europe (not sure on EU) provided they are locked up with a sold secure D-lock.

    I would spend a decent amount on locks/security given the value of your bike is nearly £3k. Maybe even worth fitting a tracker. 10-15% is what I would spend on security. x2 Abus Granites come to £150 which is 10-15% of the value of my road commuting touring bike, so 15% of yours is £450.
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