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I am looking at replacing my Spesh Air Force 3 helmet. I may go for a Giro Atmos.

My current helmet was a one size fits all and to be honest always felt that it was too chunky for my head. Now my head circumference measures 56cm which sits on the top scale for the small size and mid range for the medium size. How well do Giro helmets usually size up? I know i can order 2 and send one back nut my work patterns make it a pain in the ass to receive and send post back.


  • White Line
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    Pop into your LBS and try on some Giro helmets to see. That way you find the right size and don't have to bother with the post.
  • pianoman
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    I seem to recall in the Edinburgh Bicycle catalogue one year, it said that Specialized helmets fit narrow heads better, Giro round heads. Each to one's own.
  • cougie
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    My head doesnt like spesh helmets. Giro is nice and they do do the different sizes.

    Deffo LBS and try them on for fit. You want it to be comfy and not interfere with your shades etc...

    You'd prob waste any money saved on postage and faffing to the post office.