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Puntos and bike racks

ski-freakski-freak Posts: 121
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Just bought a second bike rack after the first didnt fit, a thule 9103. website assured me it would fit a new grande punto 3dr. got it, tried to fit it and guess what, it didnt fit! what it did do was dint my boot in two places!

has anyone got a 3dr punto and knows which bike rack WILL actually fit?
had the same problem?
knows if you can complain to thule about a shitty product which has dinted my 2nd pride and joy, 1st being the bike!


  • Andy BAndy B Posts: 8,115
    Sure you fitted it correctly?

    In my experience (and many others too) Thule don't make shitty products, you can contact them here:
  • Si78Si78 Posts: 963
    Oh dear, how did it dent your boot? Was there foam or padding on all the bits of the carrier that touch ur car?

    I would deffo complain to Thule.

    Ive not got a Punto, but I got a 'high mount bike carrier' from Halfords for my Avensis.
    I was really worried about damaging my car, cos I have to pay for any damage (works car scheme). It fitted well, was very secure, and is very adjustable.

    Picture on the box shows it fitted to a VW Golf, so Im sure it would fit on a Punto.

    I bought a few lengths of foam pipe insulation, cut it into short pieces and fitted it to the bike carrier frame, so bike doesnt get scratched.
    Bike is positioned a bit awkwardly on the carrier, because the frame on the Boardman is a bit small, but bike was very secure, didnt move at all, and didnt get damaged.
    Advantage of the 'high mount' is that I didnt need to get a lighting board and number plate.

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  • ski-freakski-freak Posts: 121
    well the 'car specifications' booklet only mentioned a 5dr punto, it didnt make any reference to a 3dr punto. i fitted it according to the 5 dr and the bottom leg hooks didnt come anywhere near the boot bottom. they were nearer the number plate! i tried moving the clips up and this position it was closer but then the top bar rubber sratch stoppers put two dints in the upper part of the boot either side of the brake light. i havent got it with me or id post some photos to show what i mean
  • allthegearnoideaallthegearnoidea Posts: 4,077
    ive just got a cheap two bike rack out the local paper that fits ont he wife's Bravo (t - reg) just clips over the top edge of the boot hatch and hooks on under the bumper,
    brilliant!! a lot easier than the tow bar mount for my car!
    After all, I am Cornish!
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  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    hi mate,

    I bought a 'Bone's 3' rack from Evans for our punto and seemed to do what was needed. ... -come.html

    Some words and pix there,

    Hope this helps, though not sure what gen the punto is.

    Seems ok, uses a strap system and feet, but would have liked to have seen it have suckers on it. Took it out today with two road bikes as well and no issues.

  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    did you have it in mounting position 2 ?
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  • ski-freakski-freak Posts: 121

    yes it was in mounting position 2 and the bootom legs where miles away. in position 1 it nearly touched the ground. position seemed to be the right length but the top bar touched the car and the rubber feet dinted it!
  • ski-freak, Was it the THULE website that promised the fit? I tried the fit guide at Bike Rack Shops and they don't list Fiat. I don't see Fiat listed at the THULE website either.

    My experience is that it can be risky to deviate from the rack install guide without calling the manufacturer. THULE customer service is very helpful, number is 800-238-2388. Otherwise, call Bike Rack Shops at 877-367-4253. They are a huge dealer of nearly 20 bike rack brands and would be a good resource for advice. Good luck!
  • Hercule QHercule Q Posts: 2,781
    my friend has a 3dr punto and we get the bikes on the back all the time using a halfords bikerack

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  • rob_mafiarob_mafia Posts: 136
    My mrs's car is a 3 door pun to grande and we use a Halfords bog standard effort, no dramas with it really, not yet anyway.
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