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Alps riding - SPDs or Flats

wilkfamwilkfam Posts: 15
edited May 2009 in MTB general
Heading over to Les Gets in 5 weeks and im not sure what pedals to run. I started running SPDs nearly a year ago and have finally got full confidence again. I do prefere SPDS now, but was thinking about taking my flats over to France. As iv never been before i really dont know what to expect. I do feel like i have more control with SPDs but its just going through my mind IF i do come off(never had a bad fall with them yet) its going to be worse with SPDs then flats.
Can anyone give me some advice?



  • Tim.sTim.s Posts: 515
    Oh no, not again!!! :wink:
    "Didn't hurt"
  • P-JayP-Jay Posts: 1,478
    I'd go with whatever suits you best over here. Chances are you're going to come off at least once during your time there. Just taking an average of the trips Ive made and all the people Ive gone with, even our resident owner of "Jesus' riding skill" has binned it at least once a trip. I drop it at least once every other day.
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