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A Close One

NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
edited May 2009 in The bottom bracket
My ride today was (almost)perfect. The only exception was when riding down Scrubs Lane a passing BMW drove over a broken Car Number Plate and the damn thing flew into my front wheel,forks then just missed my right leg :shock: hat could have been nasty in so many ways.

Thankfully when examining for the expected damage to my wheel and forks I was relived to have got away with none.

Also a thankyou to the roadie who asked if i was ok while i was pulled over checking my bike over :D


  • Ash_Ash_ Posts: 385
    Jake151 wrote:
    You might want to give the CF a really good check over as a guy in the club (who had just brought a CF bike) said that the guy in the shop said that if you chip the frame then you need to replace it.

    Well, that's one way of selling more frames I guess...

    Really, this carbon stuff's so fragile, it'll never catch on, will it?
  • White LineWhite Line Posts: 887
    Ash_ wrote:
    Really, this carbon stuff's so fragile, it'll never catch on, will it?
    Yes, I reckon so. Cocaine and heroin caught on after all ... :lol:
  • downfaderdownfader Posts: 3,686
    So when you're out and about I wonder if you do as I sometimes do when I feel obliged to get off and remove debris like that to the side of the pavement (hoping not to trip pedestrians in the process obviously) :oops:

    Yep you're not wrong, had that gone and jammed the front wheel....

    Actually, come to think of it - you could have taken said plate to the police so they could trace the driver and have a word about driving around in a car in that condition. :wink: Just seen this...
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