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Complete Beginner!

SlinksterSlinkster Posts: 2
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Let me start by saying i know NOTHING about bikes at all, but i am fastly becoming interested in doing so. At the moment it's purely for pleasure/keeping fit, but who knows for the future.

Basically, last summer i happened to be lent a bike for about 1 week. I pretty much went out on it everyday and i really enjoy riding around my area, with some fantastic views and things. Once the bike was taken off me, i was determined to buy one, but knowing nothing about bikes, didn't know where to start.

Anyway, i only want to ride on roads for now, but the roads i'd be riding on aren't the kindest and flatest of surfaces. ... F0045a.JPG << that is a picture of the area i was riding on. As you can imagine, there are many stones and rocks and bits of wood littering the floor.

I have about £200 to spend on a bike (not alot i know, but for a beginner?) and just don't know where to start. I know alot of people hate full suspension and i've never tried a bike with it, but it seems to be what all the bikes in your general shop (halfords etc) have. I've also been told that Disc brakes are a necessity.

So if anybody could kindly help, i'd very much appreciate it. If you need to know more then just let me know what you need to know and i'll answer

Thanks in advance!


  • Hey, welcome to the forums :)

    £200 is a low budget, but there are bikes out there that would be good to begin on, however another £100 would get you a very capable bike.

    Disk brakes aren't really a necessity, especially if your only riding roads/light trails.

    You won't get a "good" full suspension bike for under £800.

    Dont forget to factor a helmet/gloves into your budget if you need to...

  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    I would agree with the above.

    Full suspension is a complete no no on a cheap bike, the bike will be horrid. Front suspension will also be very poor (as will all the other components because of the extra cost of suspension) on a £200 bike. Acceptable front suspension bikes start at £350-£400, full suss, I would say £1000. Neither are really necessary for bumpy roads.

    £200 would get you an acceptable hybrid (Carera Subway?), which can have fairly fat tyres to cushion you.

    Disc brakes are totally unnecessary.
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