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"what is the wheel size on this particular bike "
answer 1
"The wheel size of the Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens 22" Town & Trail Bike 26"
This wheel size is standard for adult mountain bikes "

"how easy is it to chnage tyre types from thinner sleecker town tyres to larger mountain trail typres
Im looking at getting a town/trail bike, mainly to cycle on paved roads and some light to medium trails. but occasionaly i go on rougher ground and trails. can larger tyres be fitted on this model?"
answer 1
"Wider MTB type tyres cannot be fitted to this bike as it has 700c wheels that have a larger diameter. Only MTBs have sufficient clearance fot MTB tyres so your best option may be to buy an MTB such as the Carrera Vulcan and fit slicker road tyres. "
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