Which sunglasses?

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Do any of you lot have any recommendations on which sunglasses are the best?
I'm intrested in buying some new sunglasses under the £100 mark and dont really have a clue which ones to get! i do a fair bit of riding and a lot of people recommend the obvious companies like oakley and rudy project but which are the best?
I've seen some oakley half jackets with 3 sets of lenses for ninety but still really like the m-frame style and really like the colourful lenses especialy the blue ones.



  • FOAD
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    Half Jackets vs M Frames:

    Do you want to wear the glasses for other things, if so avoid looking like an android and get the Half Jackets (XLJ lenses are better for cycling I reckon), if not then the M Frames. I have both and they are excellent.

    Generally the arrays (set of three lenses) come with a boring colour as the main shade IIRC. I am a big fan of the Ice Iridium lenses (blue) and if you like them, unless you plan to ride when it is dark/nearly dark, get the blue lenses for the time being as it is daylight from about 5am until 9pm and within 3 weeks that will be 4am 'til 10pm. In the autumn buy the other lenses you need.

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    You could have a look at this thread for more info
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    Yep: started with Half jackets plain lenses, lost them & got XLJ but also M frames: Half jackets good all round, M frames best kept for the bike
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    Hi, for what my imput is worth I cannot fault Oakley Radar's. I have three pairs, I know its a bit much but they really are superb.
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    Radars are good.
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    Unless you're riding abroad in the next week "sunnies" will be surplus to requirement. :cry:
    Tail end Charlie

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    +1 For Radars

    I have the Lance Armstrong ones and they are fit, fact!
    Great for cycling as well as for general use.
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    Specialized helix adaptalites.
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    Just changed from M-Frames to Radars. Well impressed!
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    Hi torin, just thought i would let you know that i am thinking about selling a brand new pair of Oakley Radar polished aluminium (fmj), they are completely unused in vault, spare nose piece warranty card etc as per these.

    http://www.grandprixlegends.com/legends ... idium.html

    can send you pics if you want, just contact me at vikki1046@fsmail.net or pm.
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    Just thought i would say............................
    I may sell a pair of my Radars, they are brand new, never worn and they are the full metal jacket version or polished aluminium as per these

    http://www.grandprixlegends.com/legends ... idium.html

    give a shout on vikki1046@fsmail.net