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NaveedNaveed Posts: 728
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  • fatladfatlad Posts: 105
    Hello mate.

    If you are new to the area, nirvana cycles (in westcott just outside of dorking) do some really good laminated maps of the area including some good singletrack around holmbury hill. Im in Banstead which is only a couple of miles away from you so would be happy to show you around!

    If you dont ride in the rain, you dont ride
  • NaveedNaveed Posts: 728
    Hi Fatlad,

    I'm going to take you up on that offer 100% and thanks for offering, very kind. Just moved to Sutton soley to sample the trails of the North Downs. I'm about this weekend if you fancy it, Sunday would be ace, if not, just let me know when's a good time.

    Cheers lifesaver :D

    0785 453 8865
  • fatladfatlad Posts: 105
    Cant do this sunday as wife is away and ive got the little ones, am up their most weekends otherwise so will let you know.
    If you dont ride in the rain, you dont ride
  • NaveedNaveed Posts: 728
    No probs big man,

    Just holler when you fancy a trip

  • truespintruespin Posts: 155
    I'm actually planning a ride in the Surrey Hills on Sunday, got a friend's 30th Birthday tonight so timing depends on my hangover ;)

    I live in Guildford so I tend to ride from Peaslake - the Walking Bottom Lane car park... Do you have a car? Gomshall station is only a couple of miles away if not.

    I know Pitch & Holmbury better than Leith but would gladly show you around what I know - it looks like I don't have anyone to ride with tomorrow anyway.

    Drop me a PM if you're keen - prolly looking to start at around 2pm (I normally ride from about 10am but sincerely doubt I'll manage that tomorrow!)
  • Richard2118Richard2118 Posts: 230
    I live In Dorking and know the whole area very well, more than happy to show you around send me a Private message if you fancy a tour and get a better understanding of what type of riding you fancy. Out most weekends so anytime
    Santa Cruz Nomad.
  • CrazySmudgeCrazySmudge Posts: 137
    Hi Naveed

    I to live in Sutton - well known for its amazing mtb trails!! I prefer swinley - only 45 minutes on a good run but heard there are some good rides on Reigate Hill to Boxhill

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