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sherwood pines red - am i a muppet ?

phzphz Posts: 478
edited June 2009 in Routes
went to sherwood pines for the first time today - rode the blue as a warmup (nice little section in the middle of a swoopy downhill followed by a short singletrack section - even my noob and still nervous wife was grinning at the end of that)

then tried the red - map / guide said 8 miles long - we followed the wayposts 'to the letter' but found ourselves back at the bike shop after only 4 miles of swoopy singletrack - asked at the shop if the trail wasnt complete yet but they said no its actually closer to 10 miles now - examined the map but couldnt see where we could have made such a huge unintentional shortcut

anyone out there who knows the kitchener suggest what happened to us ?

slainte :?: rob


  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    I reckon at WP0047 you didn't turn left up the switchback climb
  • ji_ji_ Posts: 38
    Was there the other day and the left turn up the second climb was closed, with a diversion around it. Seems to be a common mistake folks make missing that turn! - Louth Area Mountain Bikers
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    abductee wrote:
    I reckon at WP0047 you didn't turn left up the switchback climb
    that looks likely - i THINK this video still is from a fireroad crossing between 46 and 47 on your (excellent) map -


    - at this point we were passed by a solo rider who we followed up a couple of easy switchbacks just after the crossing and then he disappeared - we assumed he had just put the gas down but i guess he actually went the correct route while we bumbled down a (reasonable actually) bit of singletrack round the edge of the rise before crossing another bigger fireroad and picking the proper trail up just after waypoint 101 on your route

    (would also explain why we met a family group on apollos with a loose dog coming the opposite way along this bit of track - they were obviously NOT red route riders ! )

    thanks for your help - off there again next saturday to try and get the whole way round this time !

    slainte :oops: rob
  • phzphz Posts: 478
    bit of an update

    went back there yesterday and you were spot on - totally missed that left turn the first time !

    maybe needs a waypost there as the obvious trail carries straight on ?

    slainte 8) rob
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