Carradice SQR Slim and carbon seat post

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I have just brought a Carradice SQR Slim, My bike has a carbon seat post. Has anyone use this bag with a carbon seat post. Carradice say they have customers who use this setup with no complaints. I know not to tighten it to much to the post

Load limit is about 10kg. ... slim.shtml

Anyone use this combo??


  • prawny
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    Go steady :shock:

    Should be ok as long as you don't go too tight, probably be worth using a torque wrench or one of them torque allen key thingies.

    I probably put the 10kg in it though, I've bag that is similar and has a max of 3 or 5kg depending on which websites you look at :roll:
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  • tardington
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    I can't quite tell from the pic there - is the weight directly on the post, or does it clip to the saddle rails? After looking through I'd be afraid to chance it!
  • I thought about that option (i.e. Carradice SQR with carbon seat post) and wimped out. No idea if you'd be alright in practice but broken carbon by my genitalia ... :shock: Not worth the risk.

    As a suggestion, spend £15 on an aluminium seat post. It's pretty easy to swap back to the carbon one if you ever want to.
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  • always_tyred
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    Providing you aren't planning to carry gold bars in it, I suspect you'll find that the weight of the bag is rather a lot less than the weight of a person. On that basis, it will be fine.

    Its an awfully big bag though. Are you sure you need to carry the spare wheel around with you the whole time?
  • andyjames
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    I use the SQR slim on a carbon-wrapped Allez '08 seatpost with no concerns. You do need it quite tight else it will spin round if you put any pressure on the side near the back. As suggested, get an aluminium post if you're worried.

    As for why would you need it, it was the only saddlebag I could find which can fit a standard 15" laptop in it.
  • andrewc3142
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    I use a Carradice Slim for commuting - great bag. The guy at Condor thought it should be OK but didn't seem wholly convinced so I have an alu post instead. The mount puts a different strain on the post than a person sitting on a seat, at least seems that way to me.
  • I had exactly the same dilemma as the OP when I got my new bike recently. It came as standard with a carbon post, but given I sometimes have the bag stuffed full and the laptop is heavy I went with an aluminium post to be safe. My main worry would be overtightening the clamp with a carbon post.

    I use an SQR slim for commuting - as someone else says its the only bag I can get my laptop in with change of clothes for work - have been surpised at how good its been TBH. May not look great, but acts as a splashguard, doesn't require a rack and is really quick to remove, stays in place pretty solidly too. Beats panniers or a rucksack imho, and I've tried both.

    The seatpost mount is pretty unobtrusive and only weighs a few hundred grams. I have the 5L Ortlieb looking one too, which is great for longer rides at the weekend.