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Bald socks?

AllTheGearAllTheGear Posts: 248
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I've noticed that I've developed a semi-bald patch in most of my socks, under the ball of my foot where the cleat is.

I've checked my Shimano shoes and there isn't any particular roughness here although they aren't well padded at this spot. The fit is snug and they don't chafe or move around.

I use regular cotton socks when cycling, and otherwise don't have feet problems.

If I bought fancy cycling socks (no cotton?) would this problem go away or would I ruin these too? I've wrecked most of my socks and suspect a new pair would be damaged after 1 ride (20+ mi)

Should I try an insole?

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  • GraemeTGraemeT Posts: 155
    Just think of it as reduced weight, or added ventilation :D
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  • AllTheGearAllTheGear Posts: 248
    Ok but I assumed tyre wear and Nuun tabs were my most expensive consumables...
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  • sarajoysarajoy Posts: 1,675
    edited May 2009
    All of my old socks go this way. Would have thought it was normal?

    Most likely to happen if the ball of your foot moves around inside the shoe, I'd imagine.

    Oops just read the first post again.

    I dunno, I'd suggest buying even cheaper socks! So if they wear - buy new ones - or maybe they won't as they're more synthetic?
  • Stuey01Stuey01 Posts: 1,273
    Socks wear out shocker!

    All of your socks will wear out, usually on the ball and the heel as this is where most of the pressure is applied when you walk. When you cycle, the heal doesn't wear out at such a rate but you are pushing through the ball of your foot so it does wear out.

    1 ride? not unless your shoes are made of sand paper.

    Cycling socks are much more expensive, don't bother if this is the only reason you're considering them.
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  • AllTheGearAllTheGear Posts: 248
    I'm light on my feet and am used to socks lasting a while, I'm just surprised at the rate I'm getting though them on the bike. Thanks for the replies...
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