For anyone doing the Bristol Bike Fest!

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There's going to be a trail day on Saturday to sort out some sections of the course. Come along, use the tools and materials supplied and help get it into shape for the race and the rest of the summer!

If having lovely flowing trails to ride isn't enough of a reward, there's going to be a barbecue afterwards, plus a prize draw for riding kit from Sombrio, Kona and Continental, plus free entries to Merida Marathons and the Kona Mashup. We'll be out from 10.00 am until late afternoon and you can come along for all or part of the day.

For more info have a look here:




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    Ant, why do you always choose the Saturdays im working on!

    All the best for this mate, i'll come along later in the day if master releases me early enough.
    "Didn't hurt"
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    Hope you can come along Tim, if you can't make the dig you'd be more then welcome to join us for the food and swag!
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    Why on earth did I post this in the "rides" forum? Stupid eyes and fingers!