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I'd be looking at the Carrera Subway 2, the Giant Escape or the Hardrock Rigid for a good start. The hardrock is probably the most MTB or the lot, but they're all reasonably cheap enough that they could be kept as a commuter bike, and buy yourself a proper MTB that'll take the abuse that you'll give it, should you get the biking bug!

and you will!

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  • Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
    The hardrock is nice!

    P.s. Dave, maybe you'd need to buy a wider, comfortable seat like those on the city/trekking bikes for the beginning, MTB seats can be narrow and hard... see first how it feels when you get the bike, and if it doesn't fit then find one that feels alright. You can put the original seat back later!

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  • buddhabuddha Posts: 1,088
    The Hardrock has a very strong frame. The earth tremors when I do a bunny-hop[;)]

    But whatever you get, even though it's only for the road for starters, get your lbs to true and tension the wheels properly.

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  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    I started to ride to work in Feb 2006, I was 6ft, 16 stone and was closer to 40 than 30! I would be out of breath walking up stairs (people called me darth vador - it was that bad!).

    I started riding to work about 5 miles each way (around 20 mins riding ), after 1 year I now weigh 12.5 stone and have never felt better(ever). It takes at least 6 weeks for it to become a habit and is now just part of my daily routine.

    I walked up Snowdon with my Son this summer - it's always been an ambition of mine (you may laugh!), but it was one of the best days of my life, we flew up and when we arrived at the top no one was there (we got there before the first train arrived).

    I've also cut back on what I eat, I think the cycling helps as I can really feel it if I've overdone it for a bit.

    People in work thought I couldn't do it, but it was that, that kept me at it.

    Go for it - it's going to be hard at first but boy it is worth the effort.

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  • proximoproximo Posts: 785
    i'll secont what dsmiff said, i was (and probably still are) a bit over weight however i have been cycling to work every day since myself, dsmiff, his son and seagull went round llandegla and i couldnt make it, so i go determined. now i recon i could go round without stopping, my advice is, get a bike, any bike as long as it works and ride as much as you can, like dsmiff said it will eventually become a habbit! and watch the lb's drop!

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  • Thats the way to go until you decide to go off roading.The easier you make it the more confidence you will get.Be warned about puncture resistent tyres,somebody on this forum got 2 punctures in one day.Wasnt a happy chappy.I cant remember what tyres he bought now though,but goodluck with the riding and enjoy.

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  • Remember the pedals have different threads dave.They tighten towards front of bike.L/S left thread- R/S right thread.Nice one with the roof rack.Thats my only fear too.

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  • Aux1 I thought you was a pratt when you first came on here,but im glad to say i was proper wrong.I think your humour threw me a bit,like from one side of the room to the other lol.Keep it up you make me chuckle at times.good man[:p][:)][:D][8D]

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  • Haha waiting for that dave.I might like my men big haha.Pedal all sorted then just check it from time to time.Like every ride.

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  • I too got back into riding mainly for fitness reasons last year. I bought a bike through a 'Cycle to Work' scheme with the intention of commuting on it and occasionally taking it offroad.

    After less than a year, I'd taken it on some epic wilderness treks, given it over 1200 miles of abuse, and lost more off me than the bike weighed.

    It's been 15 months, I'm riding the commute 2 or 3 times a week (7 miles each way), am offroad pretty much every weekend, and am competing in my first race in July. I've lost 2.5 stones without making any dietary changes, perhaps I even eat more than I did. On the downside, I've already upgraded; I've now got a full susser for weekends and so my bank balance has taken a dent.

    My (convoluted) point is that you may find that the riding to and from work opens new doors from you, and once you start getting the real buzz from hammering it to and from work you may end up making other changes that further improve your wellbeing.

    Good luck with it, I hope you enjoy it.

  • <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by MasteWuSays</i>

    I'm from the States so I don't really know what the deuce a "stone" is,
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  • Welldone dave,i think this time next year yours will be a good ending story for a change.Keep to a routine and you wont look back.Enjoy

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    When the going gets tough,The tough get going
  • It's great to hear that the riding is working out for you, it'll only get better if you keep at it.

    As for getting a stand for it - I find the best way to keep it upright without scraping it is to balance against the back tyre and not the frame. It also makes it easier to lock, it means you can get the lock through the back wheel and the frame too.
  • Parkpre - I totally agree with you in the sense that nicer bikes mean more riding. I started on a Rockhopper last year, and have bought an Enduro Expert for the weekends. This isn't to say that riding the first bike isn't fun, it's just good to have an impractical bike to jump things with.

    Dave - don't listen to our stories of buying more bikes, once you've got used to your first bike you'll find it becomes a money pit!! It's good to hear that it's going well though, and while you'll find the first few times you do the 5.5 absolutely kills you, once you master it you'll be raring to go for the next challenge.

    I got my Rockhopper in Feb06 to do a 4 mile flat commute with the smallest of uphills on it at the halfway point. I wouldn't even class it as a hill, more a small incline that you wouldn't notice if you walked it. On my first day, I got to the incline and had to get off and push. Then I kept going and got further up. Then one day I made it up.
    These little improvements kept going to the point that, after about 4 months of commuting 3-4 days a week, I got my time for the commute down from an average of 35 minutes to my record of 16 minutes (the god of traffic lights was looking down on me that morning!!)
    It's amazing when you look back and see how fast you improve and how better you feel for it.

    The same thing happened to me when I moved house in October, I'm now 7 miles away with an amazing road downhill on the way in (30mph+ on an MTB). The ride back home was hell and it still is, but my fitness has kept on improving by my continued attempts at it and I'm getting up the monster hill quicker every time.

    With regards to cycling with the kids, when I get to the stage that I do have them, I'm making that a priority. It's great that you're all getting exercise and participating in a healthy activity as a family.

  • Well done Rob that's great, keep up the good work!

    There's a gentle ride planned for Chopwell tomorrow night (not the usual route, just along the fireroad paths) if you're interested, or there's a gentle ride planned for Hamsterley for Sunday too if you fancy coming along (while the big boys are playing in Guisborough Woods I thought I'd go somewhere else!).

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  • I can't remember what they said they were doing, there's a few folk going of all different capabilities, I can't access my emails at the minute so I don't have the start time to hand, if I remember rightly we're meeting at Wood N Wheels at 10am, but I'll check and let you know.

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  • I've just read through this entire thread and I've got to say well done to you Dave. Not only are you making progress with your personal goals (and enjoying yourself at the same time) but you are also giving a lot of people hope and inspiration with their own goals.

    I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread to see how everyone is progressing - you never knowI may even start tracking my progress once I get a bike in the next few weeks!
  • Haha, I love this thread, last October I was 26st, after revising my eating habbits and playing rugby and american football I was down to 23, hopefully by august I will be down to 21 st, it is stupid really but my aim for this year is to weigh less then my age, I didn't think it would ever be possible but with a little bit of hard work and determination it pays off.

    Well it was going well untill the end of easter, but then rugby and american football finished, now my exercise has stopped, (apart from the odd 10mile ride and fr session) and with new work commitments leaving me with very little spare time my diet has suffered.

    Well I start my new job next week and my xc bike (hopefully) should be ready next week, so will get out and do evening rides every night.

    I think one of the most important things is to have a goal, lots of small short term ones, but then one big one.

    My goals at the moment, lose 1 1/2 stone by august and do lots of riding for a trip to the alps at the end of august.

    Keep it up, this has given me the motivation I need to start agian with a vengence.

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  • I know it is very simple, i waqs amazed at how simple it was. The problem comes in when you over complicate it. I do stick to what you say and have lost 3 stone, just at the moment i am working 100hr weeks, but that stops next week.

    I will keep updating my post, now all i have to do is find a pair of scales so i can wiegh myself!

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  • 12.75lbs is very impressive, really glad to hear everything is paying off!

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  • Damn, wish i could lose the weight at the rate you are mate. But saying that i am not weighing myself, i just want to be able to wear all the shirts i have put at the back of the wardrobe as when i put them on now it looks like i am with child[:D]

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  • If Mars Confectionery hadn't invented Revels I'd be 2 stone lighter.

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  • In the last 3 weeks i have cut out takeaways/coke/crisps and am now eating healthier than i ever have. I am still drinking beer tho which is probably limiting my weightloss quite a bit, but to make up for it i am trying to ride about 70-100 miles a week....which i am actually doing which is quite good.

    Still got man boobs tho[;)]

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  • muddymartmuddymart Posts: 20
    saying all this, we've just had fish and chips this evening,looks like im going to have to do an extra few miles.
  • Mmmmm chips![:D]

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    Wrath '07
  • do NOT post anything like that again else your blocked...
    NO more warnings!

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  • Be respectful.. read the rules in the FAQ..
    BTW not aimed at KF.. the previous posts which now have been removed.

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  • adamskibadamskib Posts: 53
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Woody</i>

    WMB's gotta use some of this thread for a feature - or two. Other magazines are desperate for this level of interactivity. No need for made-up letters with ambiguous sign-offs.

    <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">

    I couldn't agree more.... all sorts of stories, all with one central thread... "Mountainbiking turned my life around!"

    That has to be a great article[:)]
  • sylphie74sylphie74 Posts: 8
    I noticed these posts that didn't get transferred from the WMB forum. I edited the formatting a bit to make things easier to read. My apologies if I accidentally deleted anything important.

    Note to moderators: feel free to delete this, of course, if you can get these posts back!


    Posted - 29/06/2007 : 15:26:52
    Dave, keep up the good work mate.
    It took me abour 6 months, then i put a little back on, then lost it again. It take

    time for your body to adjust and at first its very easy to put it on again.
    I've been this weight for nearly 3 years now, after that length of time it becomes

    the norm.


    posted - 29/06/2007 : 23:45:01
    Well today compleated my first proper off road xc ride, at 20miles, came off once and

    smashed my helmet but the feeling of reaching the top without stopping is immense.

    Much like riding all the way home dave so well done for that. See next week you can

    ride the scenic way home.


    Posted - 30/06/2007 : 01:04:20
    Hi had my weekly weigh in and lost 3lbs. Realy pleased as have struggled to get much

    cycling done as I am still not very confident and pretty much everywhere has been

    under 5ft of water. Fingers crossed we don't get any more End of Days type floods I

    will get out this weekend.


    Posted - 30/06/2007 : 10:32:15
    Excellent news from maddra there! I passed Sheffield on friday,and it still looked a

    bit damp- best of luck there. Meanwhile the entire forum waits excitedly for Dave

    Piggotts update! Come on mate, we're all behind you!


    Posted - 01/07/2007 : 16:33:35
    Well I just plugged my wellbeing into this thread and recharged double quick and now

    glows a happy magnolia colour and hmmms contentedly...

    More of what has gone before really, well done to everyone, everything i've read is

    utterly true, this thread pretty much is a feature, the mag has to use it.

    I was listening in on work collegues the other day (women but i don't think it

    matters) saying how it would be great to have a life style where you could eat what

    you like, and jst have a way of loosing it, still loose wait and be healthy and

    energetic. I said that's my life style... they all looked blank... I ride to work

    while you get taxis... still look blank, put more crisps in mouth

    I Lost 2st in four months a couple of years ago, through big change in diet and

    running/cycling, and ever since have cycled to work everyday, and since lost another

    stone and a lot more fat as it turned to pedalling power. I'm still a little on the

    belly ---(it used to hang over belt - oh yeah the ladies loved that "Here, let me

    lift that out of the way for you sweetheart..." noo not so much)

    And if i ever want to pig out, like everyone says, go for the 30 miler... (it was 10

    to begin with) gain the ability to sleep for a day and eat a whole lasagne and still

    loose weight!

    i have a massive appetite (i have never been beaten in an eatathon and my record at

    pizza hut is 24 slices) and i engage in pass times that increase my appetite

    #cough#... when i was a kid i never put on wieght, but i'm not growing any more and

    everyone in my family still treats me as a human food disposal unit... In short i

    love food, and with out a daily ride of 14 miles a day I'd be at least 2 St the other


    Hats off to everyone who's part of the above, stick with it, it gets easier... and

    even more fun... and keep posting and encouraging others. Double Hats off to Dave for

    starting it too!!! All hail!!


    Posted - 01/07/2007 : 17:01:15
    I've really been enjoying reading everyone's posts on this thread - it truly is

    inspiring to hear the succcess stories, and the hope that those of us just on the

    beginning of this path have found.

    As for my own progress, I've lost between 7-13 lbs in the past month, depending which

    day I step on the scale, and biking has increased from 1.5 mile rides to 4-5 mile

    rides (all on roads - I don't trust my bike not to buckle under me if I hit a big

    rock or hole). I've got a long way to go, but it's definite improvement, and I can

    see muscles where I couldn't before! Other improvements - I used to notice every

    little 1-2 ft rise as a "hill" and now I can bike up real (smallish - 40-80 ft)

    hills. I still have to walk up the steep ones, and I figure that may not change until

    I've lost more weight, but it doesn't matter. I'll walk them until I can ride them.

    Perhaps the biggest change - I realized as I was goign to get my shower this morning,

    that I hadn't done anything to get sweaty in a day and a half, and it felt wrong! So

    out I went to remedy that. :)

    So, congratulations to everyone who's working and playing hard to get fit. Please

    keep posting - we're building something really powerful here.


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 09:16:43
    Following an 'odd' week it's results time again. I weighed in at 22.25 stone, a

    weekly loss of 1.75lbs, total loss over five weeks of 18.75lbs and an average weekly

    loss of 3.75lbs. I obviously didn't lose as much as I had done previous weeks but

    considering the week I had I was very pleased.
    I haven't cycled since my previous post a week ago! My bike has been at Halfords to

    get the rear wheel replaced and also for it's 6-week service. I could have collected

    it a few days ago but seemed pointless due to the weather as I wasnt gonna get a

    chance to ride it anyway. Also, I had the day out Saturday at a wedding and was

    unable to stick to my eating habits in any way. All in all, I would have been pleased

    to have stayed the same weight this week so to lose almost 2lbs is excellent and I'm

    very happy.
    Am collecting my bike this morning and normal service will be resumed this evening

    after work (so long as the weather holds out of course!).

    hsa- Well done on your success story thus far. It seems you've definitely got the

    bug, and have even passed it to your wife. I am really looking forward to the times I

    get to ride with my wife and children, and when my youngest is off his stabilizers

    we'll be able to do so much more together. It was odd to read about the Brecon

    Beacons in that way, I have only been there with the military and it was anything but


    ratty2k- Well done for quitting the fags, I know how hard that is (18 months for me

    now). It is quite normal to put some weight on when quitting according to my GP,

    something to do with changes to your chemical balance or something (thought I put it

    more down to using it as an excuse to eat more!). You are right, rather a few lbs

    than cancer. I have put on about 2 stone in the time since quitting the fags, which

    is excessive and not just to do with stopping smoking. However, if before quitting

    someone had said that i could successfully become a non-smoker and never look back

    but i'd put on 2 stone I'd have ripped their arm off for the deal! Cycling is the

    perfect antidote.

    freakybacon- 10k? Very impressive. You said "I reckon this thread is not just about

    "mountain biking changed my life" but how people can to a great degree alter their

    circumstances rather than just claiming to be a victim", and I agree. But it is also

    whatever the reader wants it to be. For me it is something else which keeps me going

    with both my healthy eating eating and cycling, for others it may be something which

    helps kickstart them into making a change, for others just interesting reading, and

    for others who knows? People are free to post what they like and take what they like

    from this thread.

    Guilliano- Glad to know cycling has helped you in a positive way like it has me. You

    are only the 2nd person I know who has a job doing something they love (the other is

    my friend Matt who has always wanted to be a lorry driver and now is), and you can't

    beat that. If ever you're finding your wallet getting too heavy, you could send some

    this way lol.

    koldphuzion- After you had lost the weight, did your eating or exercise habits

    change? Or was there some other reason you put some back on before losing it again

    and it levelling out? Any tips for keeping it off?

    gungun- 20 miles xc? Very impressive. As you have probably read I haven't had any

    riding in this last week, but looking forward to getting back in the saddle this

    evening. I am a long way off your fitness level, but I'm on the way!

    maddra22- You have done well to lose 3lbs, and to ride at all this week. It would

    seem the Gods are conspiring to keep us off our bikes! It can only last so long. If

    you can have a successful week in weather like that, nothing will stop you.

    Unklehomer- I knew that in theory you could eat more and just exercise more to make

    up for it but didnt know it would actually work in reality, so I'm glad you posted.

    Very funny what you said about the ladies. Would be interesting to see if they give

    up their taxis but my guess is no. There are people who talk about it, and those who

    'just do it' (sorry Nike). This thread is for the latter.

    Sylphie74- Thanks for posting again. For anyone who doesnt know, Sylphie is my

    partner in all this. We met through this forum, and though we are divided by the

    Atlantic we are together in spirit and are helping each other through the harder

    times. We both have a lot of weight to lose, and a lot of improvements to gain.

    Sylphie has had to deal with far more emotional 'walls' than I on our journey so far,

    and she has scaled each one magnificently. I am very proud of you, as you know, and

    know you will succeed in your efforts.


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 09:45:04
    Love the signature line Dave....


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 09:51:46
    Dave - I wouldn't be unduly concerned about an 'odd' week where you lose less than

    you have been (or even none) - as long as the overall general trend is downwards.

    Like you - the weather has put a dent in how much I did last week - but somehow

    weighed in at under 15 stone (OK, that's 14 st 13 lbs) for the first time years. So

    for me thats about 11lbs lost in 12 weeks - I want to lose about 30lbs all told & am

    not really bothered if it takes me 2 years+ to do (as long as the general trend is


    I also totted up how far I'd gone during June & it came to 180 miles and whilst I'm

    not particularly concerned with how far I cycle each evening (it's more about doing

    the 20-30 minutes recommended min 4 times a week) that's a lot more exercise than I'd

    done in a long time.


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 09:56:45
    For those losing weight.... remember that you will build muscle as you ride which

    weighs more than fat so in real terms you are losing more than the scales show. The

    main thing is that you all enjoy riding, the weight loss is just an added bonus


    Paul the commuter
    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 10:04:19
    What I was told by the owner of a gym once, if you want to loose weight and burn fat,

    turn down the resistance setting on the excercise bike, and pedal/ cycle for longer,
    ie if someone came along she would advise them to sit on a bike for 30-40 mins and

    spins the pedals round and get the heart rate up. but if you want the muscle to

    increase the resistance.


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 10:07:39
    That's true, but you will still build muscle through any exercise and when riding you

    will have more resistance than on an exercise bike


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 10:31:37
    After I lost about a stone I started bottoming out and even put on a bit. I noticed

    quite early on leg/shoulder/arm muscles and tone and I assumed then that any weight

    gain would be because of thie extra muscle. Also I was finding that my usual 22km

    loops off-road were becoming easier and I wasn't really pushing myself as I was at

    the beginning so I started upping the distances (most I've managed is 38km off-road)

    and going out more often for quick 10km bursts. The weight started coming off but it

    is evening out again now. 14.5 or 15st is where I want to be.

    Dave the Beacons are fantastic for biking! Not all nightmarish stuff either, there

    are some short family routes around. The scenery is what it's all about though. That

    and getting muddy :)
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    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 11:03:33
    Perhaps weight isn't the 'proper' measure we should all be using? (although is a

    useful indicator). What I really want is to drop a trouser size (or even 2) - so

    perhaps a measure of my 'circumference' (ok, ok, beer gut) would be a more

    appropriate measure?


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 11:06:51
    My aim is to get back to a 32" waist and expand the chest from 39" to 40" as well as

    losing the extra half a chin.



    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 12:27:02
    32" waist? god not had one of them for tooooo many years! I'd be happy at 36" at the

    moment- slowly getting there tho'!


    Posted - 02/07/2007 : 13:15:55
    4 years ago I went up to 17 1/2 stone with a 38 inch waist. 2 years before that I was

    11 1/2 stone with a 29 inch waist. I'm now at 34 inches, but cos of excess beer

    consumption (especially while I've been off with depression) I have a slightly

    bulging belly and love handles that I'd like to lose. Obviously nothing compared to

    some that are posting on here but it's my aim.


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 09:59:06
    I have been reading this thread from the start and have to say i have never been so

    motivated to ride !! I am a skinny git but im getting on now at 32 so i had started

    to turn into a twice a month rider and had my wife nagging me to sell the bike

    However........since reading this thread i have been super motivated and make sure i

    get out at least three times a week,even in the crappy weather we've been getting

    here in Wales.I have discovered new places to ride and generally re-found an

    enthusiasm for riding that i have not had since i was about 21. I now feel guilty and

    itchy if i dont get out on the bike for a couple of days !

    I would like to thank Dave and everyone else who has told their story in this thread

    as if it were not for you guys i would have sold the bike and just been a middle aged

    man with a beer belly.

    Cheers Guys


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 18:26:59
    I am thinking about getting into ridding again. I weigh about 25 stone and have been

    dieting for a few weeks now. I have also been taking walks regularaly but I think

    biking may be a bit more enjoyable.
    Anyway I need bike buying advice, I suppose I could stretch to £500 so a few

    suggestions would be more than gratefully recieved.
    Cheers, you lot are an inspiration that should be very proud of yourselves


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 18:34:36
    GT Avalanche, Claude Butler Cape Wrath, Mongoose Tyax Super, Carrera Fury, all worth

    looking at for ~£500


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 19:30:56
    Hi Yukon, I weigh about (a little more) than you and got a Raleigh Venture, which was

    about $400, so probably less than 500 pounds. It's great as far as being comfortable

    and feeling secure under my weight, the only downside I've noticed so far is that

    it's not a real FAST bike, but then, at my weight and fitness level, I'm not goign to

    be going real fast, anyway!

    I definitely think you've got a good plan, biking some to mix things up a little with

    the walking. I started walking regularly about a month before I started biking, and

    alternating between the two has been great. My knees and joints feel much better, and

    my walking has continued to improve since I started biking, even though I only walk

    about 3 days a week now. It's also really satisfying to see how fast you can build

    distance on a bike. 4 weeks ago, when I got mine, I was in PAIN after a mile and a

    half. Now I can do five and feel good after, and a short, easy ride is 3 miles. I'm

    hoping to do 10 before the end of the summer.

    It's great, what you're doing. Adding exercise that's FUN will make a huge difference

    in how you view fitness in general. Please keep us posted about your progress!


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 19:51:27
    I am liking the GT Avalanch I have to say- I'm so superficial! Any more suggestions

    are greatly recieved


    Posted - 03/07/2007 : 20:25:12
    Yukon, you'd be better asking in the beginners part. Possibly in Buying as well, just

    so much more coverage of the old "what bike for 500 notes" A lot of the info has been

    lost but new threads are appearing...
    But if you like the GT go with it.... try before you buy!! Its a well regarded bike

    tho' so if the fit is ok you wont have too many issues. You might need to get the

    spring swapped for something heavier at the time (if its not air) as most forks seem

    to be for a weight of 12st (ish) You could even buy a cheap rigid fork and swap back

    as some weight drops.

    As slyphie74 says- you can build the mileage up pretty quick. A few years ago I

    didn't ride at all. Once I got some level of fitness I rode my first ever trail

    center. I couldnt get up the first climb (still smoked back then....) after never

    having so much fun clothed I just kept doing it. Can get right round a 15 mile off

    road trail, and recently did my first 50 miler on the road bike. (completely

    knackered after!) Looking forward to a 100 miler for charity in September And the

    thinner, healthier me that goes along with it!


    Posted - 04/07/2007 : 09:43:15
    Hi all, thought I'd have a midweek check-in as there had been so much action on this

    thread since my last post.

    Weight is a funny thing. The statistics suggest I should be a certain weight, and

    though I can't remember what it is I know i would look very thin if i ever reached

    it. I check my weight loss as it is an easy way to see if my healthy eating and

    exercising is still working. I go by the 'three points make a line theory', which is

    that if for 3 weeks running I fail to lose weight or even put it on I would know i

    need to refine my plans accordingly. Having said that, like a lot of you, I am more

    interested in becoming a certain size and shape. What is all this talk about 32" and

    36" waists? lol You should try being a 48" waist! I want to be able to buy clothes

    that fit well and look good from the High Street, not from the internet or specialist

    shops. I want to be able to go to the beach/go swimming without worrying what

    everybody is thinking and saying. And most importantly I want to be fit enough to

    give my kids a good run for their money at the park, and so that i stay healthy and

    live longer to watch them grow up and have their own kids. For me, weight is not so

    important, but of course it will drop naturally as i go along. Further, when i weigh

    in and see it has dropped again it spurs me on to have another good week.

    Yukon - Hi. This is the real reason I am doing a sneaky midweek update (proper one to

    follow Monday as normal). I wanted to recommend to you the bike I bought. I have a

    Carrera Kraken, which I bought from Halfords. My wife bought one too. We both love

    them. They have not been problemless but Halfords have been VERY quick to rectify

    them. Try one. Not sure how they compare to the others that have been recommended,

    but from reading other posts on this forum I know it is a very personal choice and

    what might be ideal for one person will be awful for the next. So my advice is try as

    many as you can before you decide. Take on as much advice as possible but make the

    decision yours. And then pray for nice weather!

    See you again Monday.


    Posted - 04/07/2007 : 10:43:56
    I'm starting to get into some seriously bad eating habits again, it's far too easy to

    sit at my desk and scoff a bar of chocolate or a bag of sweets a couple of times a

    day on top of some biccies with my cups of tea, but it's starting to make me feel

    really sluggish and horrible so I've put a stop to it.

    As of yesterday morning I've stopped myself buying ANY junk food, have brought a bowl

    and some bran flakes into work so I can have proper breakfast (can't ever drag myself

    out of bed early enough to have it at home) and having breakfast stops me snacking

    mid-morning which is a good thing. I've also put a stop on eating Mars Bars after

    rides claiming that I need the energy, I'm opting for a banana or a slice of homemade

    flapjack/apricot & fig slice. Hopefully it'll help me drop a couple of pounds!

    It must be true what my mother says - true contentment plays havoc with your



    Posted - 04/07/2007 : 10:50:35
    Dave, why WMB haven't done a feature on you is beyond me. Bring on DaveWatch!

    With everybody piping in with advice, I tried to resist adding my own but I can't

    help it. I'd also like to point to the significance of something Paul the Commuter


    1. Commit yourself to bad weather riding.

    It's summer now, so not riding in the rain means the odd day off (Wimbledon wash-out

    notwithstanding). That isn't going to last because, as night follows day, so winter

    will come and you need to be in a position to keep riding.

    The good news is that Billy Conolly got it spot-on when he said "there's no such

    thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes". With the right gear, winter riding is

    just fine, indeed I shifted much of my weight riding every Saturday morning through

    the winter of 2004/2005. All you need is a decent water/windproof top, some windproof

    gloves, a warm hat and some 3/4 lenths shorts (if your knees suffer in the cold).

    Maybe WMB could kit you out...

    I personally love off-road riding in winter. There are fewer people on the trails

    and, if it's cold enough, the mud gets nice and firm!

    2. The scenic route.

    Paul the Commuter referred to taking the scenic route to/from work. He's made a good

    point to the people on the thread who have expressed regret that their commute "is

    only X miles each way". Who's dictating your route? You, so take the scenic route! If

    it's a perfect day, take the very scenic route.

    I love your comments on the shift away from snack outlets - sadly I have replaced

    that habit with an addiction to bicycle components...

    Looking forward to your next weigh-in. Keep it up big fella, you're a bloody hero.


    Posted - 04/07/2007 : 11:49:37
    Hmm, been my downfall lately. After packing in smoking I just find myself eating too

    much. Choccy, crisps, butties etc. Dont know whether its just 'cause food tastes

    better now, or whether its like a replacement thats slipped in under the radar. But

    gotta put a stop to it.

    caw35slr is spot on, commit to bad weather riding! It cant really be avoided, well

    certainly at the moment anyway!
    I know Guilliano suffered from depression, so did I. People here are changing thier

    lives around one way or another. I do agree that this thread should be highlighted in

    the mag......


    Big n Daft
    Posted - 04/07/2007 : 12:41:51
    Another fat bloke here!

    Currently a smidgen under 20 stone....but 6'4" with it.

    Bought a bike....started the healthy eating malarky....

    So we'll see how it goes....

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Embrace uncertainty.
  • HJ1976HJ1976 Posts: 205
    Then it dawned on me, with my new cyclists legs, could I not pull it myself? As it goes, i couldn't, but when a passenger helped too, the train rolled forward back onto the juice! I couldn't stop laughing. I bet not many people have pushed a train!
    I hope you gave one of the wheels a kick for good measure!
    I finally have a riding partner who is highly motivated to lose weight himself, so i think iwioll be either cycling or snowoarding everyweekend from now on!
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