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Help with tyre sizes

bigus_dickusbigus_dickus Posts: 3
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Hi All

Thanks for reading, it's probably a question you've heard over and over, but meh :oops:

I'd like to change the tyres on my rims but have no idea what all the sizes mean. My current rims are Alex TD-24 32H and my tyres are Scott "OZON" 26x2.0

What i would like to do is get some some tyres with less "resistance" if you know what I mean, but have no idea how slim i can go with the current rims :oops: My commute mainly consists of road and the ocassional pavement (yes, I know..)

Thanks :idea:


  • just realised I've posted this is in the wrong section :oops:
  • Si78Si78 Posts: 963

    Ive got a set of michelin city semi slick tyres that I fit for riding to work. They are 26" x 1.85. Lot quicker for tarmac riding, especially if you up the tyre pressure (I run them at about 80-85psi). You could probably fit thinner ones, maybe 1.4.

    Hope that helps,
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I think the rim has an internal width of about 18mm so I would stick at 1.4 and above.
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