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Super Soft?!

edited May 2009 in MTB general
my freind has recently bought a new bike which came with a pair of rst launch's (130mm travel) and my bike has some old sr suntors on (because i broke the other, better, pair) and they are censored , under hard braking my forks shudder they compress about 20mm at the most (judging by the line of cr*p on the stanctions after a ride on some dowhill tracks) then i had a go on my mates bike and the forks felt super smooth and now i want a pair like this. there not the most fancy forks in the world but they're sure as heck better than the ones i've got now. and considering my budget there a fab option. but just two questions. Is there any Seriously important reason why i shouldnt buy these? and will the fit on my GT Tempest 2.0 (2008) without causing problems?


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