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mountain biking near OTLEY....??

LoUiS1985LoUiS1985 Posts: 841
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Hi all,

Me and my buddy are testing riding some bikes that we are borrowing from chevin cycles, otley.

We have been told that we can take them anywhere we like, Dlby forest was recomended but we tend to do that a lot and don't feel like the drive there as it will take us about 90 mins to get to Otley.

Can anyone recomend anwhere within about 30 mins from otley that will enable us to give the bikes a good test ride. We are looking at some decent XC and single track..??

Thanks Guys


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    Not 100% up on the area but Ilkley Moor is just next door to Otley.Loads of riders swear by it.Or about 7miles NW there's Blubberhouses Moor,again i've never ridden there but it appears in Magazines route etc.
    Surely the shop could give you a local route?
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    There's loadsa riding around Otley. Pick up a map and plan a route or ask the shop, they'll give you some tips. All the bridleways up on the Chevin are fairly decent. The best ones being the one that heads down to Danefield (Chevin Forest Park) from Surprise View and the one that descends between Guiseley and Menston. There's also some stuff down in Esholt Woods. And yes there is some awesome stuff on Ilkley Moor.......but I wouldn't know......becasue I never ride there.......because I'm a good boy!! :wink:
  • BrianTrousersBrianTrousers Posts: 218
    Don't bother with Otley Chevin, you'll have done it in ten minutes.

    Ilkley Moor is good although like Airienteer I definitely don't ride there as it's predominantly footpaths and the walkers get sniffy. For instance I didn't ride it on Sunday, Wednesday or the Wednesday before or the Thursday before that either.

    Langbar Moor, other side of the valley from Ilkley Moor, is good.

    Barden Moor also worth a look.

    Multimap have an option to view OS maps which is excellent for picking routes out. There's a good route starting in Bolton Abbey which you should pick out easily. Bridleway up over fields and woods, over a road and then carry on up to Barden Moor. Once you're at the top, turn round and enjoy the descent.

    This is a long route, the bit I refer to above is from Bolton Abbey up to the top level with the uppermost of the two reservoirs you can see.

    If you're in Ilkley anyway check out JD's cycles as well, really nice friendly people (I'm not on commission!).

    Wherever you go have fun, it's a great part of the country.
  • LoUiS1985LoUiS1985 Posts: 841
    ok thanks very much for the help peeps, the shop sort of said that there wasnt any decent enough single track aorund the area to give the bikes a good test, but i'll take a look at all the places you mentioned

  • BrianTrousersBrianTrousers Posts: 218
    From experience I'd take anything Chevin Cycles tell you with a large pinch of salt ':wink:'
  • AirienteerAirienteer Posts: 695
    From experience I'd take anything Chevin Cycles tell you with a large pinch of salt ':wink:'

    Seconded! Check out JDs in Ikley, great service.....and no I don't work for them!
  • LoUiS1985LoUiS1985 Posts: 841
    Hi again guys,
    From experience I'd take anything Chevin Cycles tell you with a large pinch of salt ''


    When we got there they hadn't booked our test bikes, idiots!!

    we eventually went to aire valley cycles in keighley and got some from there.

    couldnt' organise a p**s-up in a brewer those lot
  • mea00csfmea00csf Posts: 558
    There's always Stainburn (search for Singletraction on the internet to get info from the trail builders). Can be variable as to how it's holding up/signposted so worth checking with singletraction first, haven't been there for ages as i've moved own south so can't give you an update.
  • v23v23 Posts: 217
    If you know where to look there's some excellent stuff on the Chevin
  • Stainburn is more than enough to test any bike but I guess it's a little late. You'd probably want some damage waiver insurance before going though!
  • rudedogrudedog Posts: 523
    I used to live in Otley until I was about 9 - my Dad actualy owned a car repair garage literaly 2 mins further up the hill from Chevin Cycles. Otley Model sport used to be on the other side of the road I think (before it moved)
  • Here's one I made earlier...
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