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There are times I really like Vicky P - like when shes pointing out the inequlaity in the olympic cyling programme - and going all out to win.

BUT there are time when she gets right on my wick - like with this quote

"Perhaps more controversial are her comments about her fellow cyclists: "Some of the girls I race against are quite masculine and have very low voices and facial hair..."

Don't get me worng - she's pretty - but the truth of the matter is not everyone is - and it' shouldn't matter in a cycle race.

Why can't we be happy for other women to be however they want to be - be that uber glamerous - be that tom boy - be that 'a bit chunky' - be that posing for FHM, or be that 'quite masuline' .

This isn't the first time she's stooped to having a crack at the looks of her rivals - and it just makes her look like petty and mean.


  • DaveyLDaveyL Posts: 5,167
    I think it's more a comment on "illegal training methods" she suspects some of them might be using.... but would need to see the context of the quote to be sure.
    Le Blaireau (1)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I'd take it to mean that some of her rivals may be using stuff they arent meant to be ?

    I dont know any women with low voices and moustaches ?
  • UncleFredUncleFred Posts: 227
    Crikey - i didn't know my Ex-wife was a secret track racer.
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