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Thigh cramp - any recommendations?

dodgykneesdodgyknees Posts: 144
Been doing a lot of off-road riding for the last 12 months or so but still subject to cramp occasionally in the thighs on longer climbing rides.

Do a fair amount of gym work as well & on rides I carry & consume water, a bottle of carb/protein mix, & energy bars, but still get cramp on occasion.

Was thinking of maybe trying some form of muscle rub at start of ride to see if that helps. Anyone got any recommendations?


  • For years I used to wake up with cramp every morning after the gym or long bike rides.

    Then I read somewhere that there are 2 things that will cause it
    - too little water and/or
    - too little salt.

    So whilst I was drinking a lot of water at the gym and once home, I realised I had little salt in my diet - I never eat processed foods or added salt to my food - and was sweating out what salt my body did have.

    I started eating a pinch of salt (maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon) with a glass of water at nights and never suffered cramp again.

    So unless you've got any medical aversion to salt you can try that.

    Good luck.
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