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Sherwood Pines Thread.....

Mr WuMr Wu Posts: 1,238
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Right a couple of questions,

Im thinking about going upto Sherwood Pines either this weekend or in the week next week,

Just wondered

A) how far is it from Mansfield train station i.e how long will it take me to cycle there.

B) Will i get round it ok on my Hardtail?

C) Should I take my Bike lock? My bike never leaves my side.... :-) Also what kit should i take with me? spares etc

D) Whens the best time to go

E) Any maps

F) You get the picture, as much help/advice would be great


  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
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  • hoochylalahoochylala Posts: 987
    Well that summed that up nicely dead :)

    A) Not sure, I always drive from Leicester.

    B) Hardtail will be more than enough.

    C) Bike lock will be good if on your own and plan to stop at the cafe/shop - Just take the
    usual spares - anyway you are never too far from the shop if any major problems arise.

    D) Never really that busy most of the time I find to be honest - the weathers meant to be good this weekend so I suspect it will be a little bit busier.

    E) See sig too for link to unofficial trial 'network' map (the red grade Kitchener trail is fully waymarked now though).

    HTH :D
  • abducteeabductee Posts: 189
    Thanks for the vote of confidence in my website :D

    A) 4.5 miles from the station to the nearest part of the Kitchener trail and 7 to the visitor centre. the Kitchener trail is about 9 miles so you will be doing 18 miles total but there are many miles of other trails if you explore.

    B) No problems with a hard tail, it's ideal.

    C) If you want to leave your bike whilst in the cafe a light weight lock would help. You can buy spares at the bike shop.

    D) When it has not rained for a couple of days

    E) On the routes page of my website is a bikely route and a PDF. Also on the photos page there are photos of the official route poster.

    F) If you enter from Eakring road you will go past the golf course through the area with all the burnt out washing machines and discarded gas cylinders bear right at the fork then under the railway bridge go through the sandy motorbike area (you will think you have got lost in a film set from Mad Max) go through the underpass for 2 more disused railways. You will then be in the forest park. Turn left at the first fire road junction and the sign for the bike park with the dirt jump and downhill area is about 200 metres on your left. you can pick up the Kitchener trail at the left of the downhill and follow it to the visitor centre.
  • deadliestdeadliest Posts: 471
    hoochylala wrote:
    Well that summed that up nicely dead :)

    Man of few words :lol: It was early in the morning as well :D
    Bikes are drugs and Im pedalling
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