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Hello, help please....

I've almost got planning permission from the other half to spend some dough, as I want to do a 60 mile ride in July.

Now, I want some decent shorts - hate my cannondale shorts compared to my Assos Airprotec tights (Which are these - mille version, but I don't know if its S2 or S5)

Now, my questions....

what is the difference between S2 and S5, and what is the difference between FI.13 and just FI not .13?

I get the impression S5 is a newer pad / chamois and S2 is the older model. and I have a vague feeling that .13 is a different type of lycra, or more stretch in the pad?

What I don't understand with regards to the two below, is why there's an FI.13 with an S2 pad, so I think I'm not understanding something.

Basically I'm looking at the following two items and confused as to which to buy: ... prodID=650 ... rodID=3707

I'm sure they're both good though.... ?

and please, no arguments about whether Assos are worth the money etc. I'm not interested! Yes they're expensive, but I'm not willing to pay £70 for something that's not so good, and then another £70 trying something else. I really love my Airprotec's, they're utterly fantastic, I give them 10/10 and I feel it's worth paying £lots to avoid the minefield - I thought my cannondales where good once I got my airprotecs!!! :-)

Thanks in advance guys!


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    S2 vs S5: It denotes the generation of the pad technology used in the shorts. S2 is from ~2001-2008. S5 was introduced last summer and is the current pad. All S2s are now basically old stock (but nothing wrong with that)

    The shorts come in:
    F1 Uno
    F1 Mille

    They all have different pad shapes for differing intended uses. The latter are the top of the range. ... en/shorts/

    I've got Uno_S2 and Mille_S5s. They're good but I prefer my Castellis ;)
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    There's also some gumpf in the Wiggle descriptions.
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    Thanks guys - that does help. Found the terminology on the Assos site, and couldn't find a reference for FI.13, only this:

    Level.13 - The understanding that a “little thing” called riding your bicycle is the key to personal fulfillment and well-being!

    and in the choose-your-comfort bit, it mentions uno, mille, 13 but just says that 13 is 'the worlds technological leader' :roll: not too helpful.

    ho hum, still don't know which model to buy out of the two :P hehe
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    I have a pair of F1 Unos and a Pair of F1.13s. I use the unos all the time and intend to buy another pair from work this morning! The F1.13s are for one off, big rides like the Etape and decent summer days. I do not expect them to last half as long as the unos. I would recommend the unos as a really good option, Only go for the Mille if you are hammering huge distances. The Uno is cheaper and very very comfortable.

    As a note, the F1.13s are really light, comfy and the like. Not sure if they are worth the money as they dont feel as robust as the unos, but they are bling!
  • From their brochure: Assos Collection Winter 08 / Summer 09 8)

    T F1.Uno_S5
    all-around training and racing shorts
    bib shorts
    AEPD ergonomic 6-panel cut /F1. Uno_S5 insert / one piece insert for better comfort / high density foam insert protecting all contact points / insert attached by 3-stich sewing / back panel antistatic carbon fiber mesh / elastic leg gripper with silicon / overlock seams / reflective visibility stripes etc ......

    T F1.Mille_S5
    the long distance comfort shorts
    bib shorts
    AEPD ergonomic 4-panel cut / F1.Mille_insert / innovative insert cut for less pressure on the genital area / insert stabilizer / back panel antistatic carbon mesh...... rest as above.

    T F1.13_S5
    the worlds technological leader
    bib shorts
    AEPD II extreme ergonomic 6-panel race cut / F1 13 _S5 insert / innovative insert with ergonomic front and rear cut for less pressure on the genital area / large high density memory foam / back panel antistatic carbon fiber mesh in klinik color / front panel with perforated high elastic fabric / elastic leg-gripper with asymmetric design / reflective visability stripes / above.
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    So, I got the 09 S5 Uno's today and did something like 30 - 35 miles ride in it after work.

    20 miles in and my arse is just as sore as when I'm using my Cannondale LeCarbon's. Admittedly, everything else is much better - more room for, er.. stuff ;-) and just a generally better fit overall.

    But bugger, that feels like £100 wasted at the moment. Now, do I return them after a thorough wash and get the S5 Mille's instead, sinking a further £40 into the quest for luxury / comfort - I love my Airprotec's which are the mille variant, but I've never done huge distance in them. Certainly seems like there's more padding in them, softer etc. (Orange pad instead of this new fangled green dimply one)

    Or is it the saddle, or is it my bum isn't used to long-distance (First time I've done that distance, did 20 a few weeks ago in my cannondales) & will toughen-up & get used to it.

    Or is some discomfort / pain normal? I mean, saddles aren't like luxury arm-chairs are they. I've got the Selle italia by the way.

    Help, I'm upset and disappointed :(
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    Try Sudocreme.
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    You need to let your arse get used to it. The pad won't, can't, make it feel as though you're riding on a sofa. It will help, but you need to toughen up a bit too.
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    snellgrove wrote:
    or is it my bum isn't used to long-distance (First time I've done that distance, did 20 a few weeks ago in my cannondales) & will toughen-up & get used to it.

    Yes. You need to, ahem, break your arse in! I can happily ride all day with my Castelli Free/Spesh Toupe combo - no discomfort.