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stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
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Been to Llandegla for the first time today and quite enjoyed it, even think I've started to get berms right, but I was expecting a bit more given how popular it seems to be. I rode the full black and then after lunch went back and rode the red. Black seemed more red grade TBH, very similar to Energy on White's Level at Afan.

Don't get me wrong I had a fun day and will probably go back again in the future (maybe when all the new bits they're doing are open) but it seems to have a bigger reputation than maybe it deserves.

Two bits I didn't like, the 3 miles of fireroad at the beginning, give me the first climb on White's any day of the week, at least you don't get bored and the that b*st*rd boardwalk section towards the end of the red. What idiot decided to use unsplit logs for an uphill boardwalk with tight corners. If you go slow to get round the corners the uneven logs stall you, if you go too fast you'll crash and lose all the skin off your body courtesy of the chicken wire cheese (flesh) grater incorporated into the surface of the logs :evil: .

At least it didn't rain :lol: , in fact byt the time I left it was 20 degs and sunny.
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  • John MooreJohn Moore Posts: 580
    Llandgela OK, it's the local trail for one hell of a lot of people, the logwalk is great even on a rigid single speed, it's all about carrying your speed around the corner in to it and powering up the climb.
    The braking ruts are a pain at times but they are building new sections which will be open soon.
  • lesz42lesz42 Posts: 690
    captain slow here, red is all i can do, did the first bit of the black today, and found the berms, hard, so i walked them, got out of that bit of the black, carreid onto the red

    going to go back next week, in a week day, and session some of the black berms, really want to do it! lol

    and hate that bumpy boardwalk, cant do it, read how to do it, cba

    and thru i did the Marin trail, slow, that was much harder, then the little bit of the black i did so far at llandegla ( or is it me?)
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